TRN Kirin Planar IEM

TRN Kirin Planar IEM

After the hybrid flagship model BAX, which has two Sonion EST drivers, one balanced armature driver and one dynamic driver, TRN now comes with a new model, the Kirin, which is a planar IEM, a first for TRN. The Kirin has a 14.5mm Planar magnetic driver and has a very competitive price of 129$.

TRN Kirin Planar IEM 7

TRN Kirin also comes with swappable audio connectors like its brother but this time with all 3.5mm, 2.5mm and 4.4mm plugs in the package, not just one to choose from like it was with the BAX.

TRN Kirin Planar IEM 5

The list doesn’t end yet. The Kirin also comes with 3 different swappable tuning nozzles with different inner diameters and lengths.

TRN Kirin Planar IEM 4

Add all this to an attractive looking magnesium alloy IEM shell, and if the tuning is right, we have a winner in our hands. The TRN Kirin might be IEM of 2022 with this price.

TRN Kirin Planar IEM 2

TRN Kirin Planar IEM 6