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Reecho has launched a new earphone, SG-01 priced at Yuan 199 ($31).  We had reviewed the big brother Reecho SG-03 last month and our editor Andy Austin liked it a lot, don’t forget to check it.

REECHO SG-03 Review – A Stargate To High Fidelity!

The quality of entry-level HiFi headphones is getting stronger and stronger, and the styles are more diversified. The appearance of SG-01 continues the metallic style of SG-03, which is full of technological sense, but the specific design language is very different from SG-03.

Reecho SG 01 8

The new earphone is designed in one piece with liquid metal and polished with CNC precision carving. The surface of the shell is treated with electroplating and oil spraying. From different angles, the light and shadow are alternately bright and dark, and the gray-black shell presents a deep visual effect, which is very eye-catching.

Reecho SG 01 6

The shape of the Reecho SG-01 is smooth and round. The contour of the whole shell is a little smaller than that of SG-03, and the thickness is obviously reduced. The shell has fine processing technology, sleek and compact shape, and its quality looks very good for the price point.

Reecho SG 01 9


Reecho SG-01 is a one dynamic driver earphone, equipped with a 10mm N50 graphene composite diaphragm. Judging from the parameters of impedance 32 ohms and sensitivity 110 dB (1mW 1kHz), SG-01 is not difficult to drive. The standard wire of SG-01 is 4 strands of high-purity oxygen-free copper wire, the pin is 0.78 2pin.

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