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Reviewing OnePlus 10T – How Does It Fair Against Its Competitors?

In March, OnePlus released the OnePlus 10 Pro, its 2022 flagship, on time. Here it is in a brand-new, turbo-charged guise, five months later.

The phone improves on the Pro’s design by using Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 CPU.

In this review article, we shall look into the different aspects of the new OnePlus 10T and understand the benefits and demerits of this new launch.

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The OnePlus 10T uses a design language similar to the brand’s latest phones. It uses the same Gorilla Glass 5 material on the front and back but with a redesigned finish on the back that looks like a fingerprint magnet.

The black version of the phone has a non-fingerprint textured finish but looks a little cheap despite being made of glass.

The disappearance of the notification slider will be a pain for many people and they really miss this feature.

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The OnePlus 10T has a 6.7-inch Full HD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate, which can be switched between 60Hz and 120Hz.

Now you can watch full HD movies on your new OnePlus phone with exceptional clarity. Our suggestion— download a movie with 1080p resolution from here and watch for a quality check:

The screen sometimes stutters. Not sure if it’s software related. The brightness is excellent, but the auto brightness was over-adjusted, so finding the optimal mode might take a lot of trouble. The fingerprint scanner seems accurate. However, the placement seems odd.

OnePlus 10T Review


The OnePlus 10T is the company’s new entry-level flagship. It runs Android 12 by default and you can see Android OS updates until 2025 and security updates until 2026.

Last year, the company overhauled its software maintenance program for its flagship and midrange portfolios. You can expect Android 13, Android 14, and Android 15.

If you buy a 10T, you can get three years of updates from OnePlus and upgrade to Android 15 on this phone. Unfortunately, Android 13 is expected to be released in late August 2022, so you won’t get much support here.

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Battery Life And Performance

The 10T is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, which is 10% faster than the regular 8 Gen 1 processor used in top Android phones earlier this year.

With the included USB-C power adapter, the phone will fully charge from 1% in 19 minutes and keep charging without overheating. Unfortunately, the OnePlus 10T doesn’t support microSD, so choose your storage options wisely. The possibilities are 128GB or 256GB, and there’s no alternative to 512GB here.

Some selections on other Android phones may have longer battery life. The company has introduced the fastest fast charging technology here. The new OnePlus 10T will charge from 0% to 100% in less than 30 minutes.

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The OnePlus 10T has a 50MP main sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, and a 2MP macro sensor. Pixel-wise, some examples of grain and digital blobs are shown, but there’s a fair amount of detail.

In HDR mode, the phone corrects overexposed images and increases the saturation level for a more vivid image. The OnePlus 10T’s ultra-wide sensor is blinding in low light, and the digital zoom doesn’t do enough to compensate for lens distortion.

Even when shooting with the main camera in an environment like a restaurant, there is a lot of noise and digital artifacts. In addition, severe blurring makes it impossible to read signs or even recognize faces.

The sub-2MP resolution isn’t very far in terms of image quality but should give you decent results with enough light. For macro photography, pairing the ultra-wide sensor with autofocus is recommended.

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Wrapping Up

The OnePlus 10T isn’t bad for smartphone gamers looking for power and tolerating some rough edges on a budget.

However, the $50 Google Pixel 6 is an easy proposition for any buyer, especially if you want to take high-end photos.

A gaming phone, as the name suggests, the OnePlus 10T is a laser-focused product for budget-conscious performance enthusiasts.

There is plenty of classic OnePlus from the days before they started making more expensive premium flagships. Unfortunately, the camera is below par, the water resistance isn’t as good as the competition, and the design is flawed.