SeeAudio Bravery 4BA IEM 2

SeeAudio Bravery 4BA IEM

After the successful Yume, SeeAudio’s next IEM named Bravery with 4 balanced armature drivers is on pre-order.

SeeAudio Bravery 4BA IEM 3

SeeAudio Bravery has 2 Knowles BA for the low frequency, 1 Sonion BA for mids, and 1 Knowles BA for the highs.

SeeAudio Bravery 4BA IEM 5

Through the electronic frequency divider filter, combined with an independent sound chamber together with precisely measured distance between drivers and nozzle provides an exquisite sound. The use of an electronic frequency divider filter that consists of 2 different physical frequency division filter is used to unify or coordinate the 4 Balanced Armatures in 3 frequency bands. The undeniable phase of consistency provides the coherency on sound production that most hybrid units.” This is how SeeAudio describes its new IEM.

SeeAudio Bravery 4BA IEM

SeeAudio Bravery comes with a 6N OOC specially customized headphone cable made by HAKUGEI. Also comes with ALZA XELASTEC ear tips in the box which are made from a thermoplastic material that fully fits your ear canal while deforming with body temperature and also maintain a stable internal structure to ensure the direct transmission of sound.

SeeAudio Bravery 4BA IEM 4

The pre-order price of the SeeAudio Bravery is 249$.


Driver spec: 4 Balanced Armature
Distortion rate : <1% (1KHz)
Sensitiviy: 110dB +1dB SPL/mW (1KHz)
Channel qc : +0.5dB (+1dB Full Range)
Impedence: 18ohm (1KHz)
Fr range: 20Hz-20kHz
Cabl type: 6n OCC
Plug type: 3.5mm
Interface: 0.78 2-pin