TRN X7 7BA Per Side 2

TRN X7 – 7BA Per Side

TRN has released its latest IEM, the TRN X7. As the name says X7, the pair features seven balanced armature drivers per side. The X7 has been designed with a specially-developed sound duct system that serves as an independent 3-channel frequency crossover system. 3D printed medical-grade resin material was used for the shells. The hypo-allergenic medical-grade resin is specially imported from Germany.

TRN X7 7BA Per Side

TRN X7 uses seven customized BA drivers per side. A customized 22955 low-frequency driver, two customized 50060 for upper midrange and high-frequencies, one customized 29689 for lower-midrange and bass response, and three customized 30095 drivers for treble frequency reproduction.

TRN X7 7BA Per Side 4

TRN X7 uses a 3-channel independent sound duct system (acoustic tubes) for physical frequency crossover and a professional audio-grade electronics SMT surface-mount PCB Board for electrical frequency crossover.

TRN X7 7BA Per Side 3

TRN packs the latest X7 with a 4-core silver-plated cable. Other accessories include an aluminum earphone case, 6.35mm adapter, airline adapter, seven pairs of ear tips.


Seven Balanced Armature Driver Configuration.

Physical & Electric Frequency Crossover.

Internal Acoustic Tube Design.

High-Precision 3D-Printed Ear Cavities.

Impedance: 20Ohm.

Sensitivity: 102dB.

Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz.

2-Pin connector cable.

3.5mm Termination Plug.

Price: 128$