SIMGOT EA2000 Boson Review 14

SIMGOT EA2000 Boson Review

SIMGOT EA2000 Boson Review – True Flagship Performance

The new EA2000 is a flagship pair of in-ear monitors from the house of Simgot. It packs a 12mm dynamic driver with a 6mm passive radiator unit that helps produce the pair a powerful sound with an excellent bass response and a pure high-fidelity sound output. The passive radiator driver here enhances the air movement and greatly improves the lower-end response.

SIMGOT EA2000 Flagship 4

Simgot comes with a large 12mm high-power dual-cavity dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit as the full-frequency driver inside the EA2000. The dual-magnetic circuit produces an outstandingly powerful magnetic flux of over 1.9T, providing a sensitive response with ultra-low distortion. This driver unit is complemented by a 6mm passive radiator unit that works with the air movement produced by the 12mm driver. It resonates at a constant frequency to amplify and effectively enhance the lower-end response in the output signal. Trust me this setup really works, it’s not a gimmick, the EA2000 has the best bass performance that I ever heard.

SIMGOT EA2000 Boson Review

Simgot EA2000 features beautifully crafted stainless steel ear shells with transparent glass face plates that give the pair an exquisite finish. The pair has an ergonomic design to ensure a comfortable fit for most users.

EA2000 comes with a high-quality silver-plated OFC cable that adopts a swappable termination plug system. These swappable plugs have tuning circuits inside of them that help in adjusting the sound.

SIMGOT EA2000 Boson Review

The cable has an 8-core configuration made using a special weaving process. The cable has 19 strands per core, a total of 152 strands in the cable. It adopts a high-quality skin-friendly TPE material outer coating that makes the cable oxidation resistant and also protects the signal from microphonic issues.


  • 1 Dynamic Driver + 1 Passive Radiator Driver Configuration.
  • Specially developed 12mm Dual-Cavity, Dual-Magnetic Dynamic Driver.
  • Powerful Magnetic Flux Density of over 1.9T.
  • 6mm Passive Radiator Driver Unit.
  • 5-Axis CNC Carved Stainless Steel Ear Shells.
  • Eight-Strands Silver-Plated OFC Cable.
  • Swappable Termination Plugs.
  • Adjustable Tuning With Swappable Plugs.
  • Easy To Drive.

What’s in the box


  • Impedance: 23Ω±15%.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 114dB.
  • Price:$319

 I want to thank SIMGOT for providing me with the review sample of the EA2000 Boson.

Simgot EA2000 has a unique way to adjust the tuning. Its stock cable has a swappable tuning plug system, each with a different tuning circuit. The pair comes with two different plugs, plus an additional 4.4mm plug, offering two sound profiles with the EA2000 (N3A000 and N4A000 have the same tuning profile).

SIMGOT EA2000 Flagship 5

The EA2000 has a reasonable 23-ohm impedance and a 114dB sensitivity making it a relatively efficient earphone.

While output impedance doesn’t have a huge impact on the EA2000’s sound, it does thrive from sources with a bit more driving power. Switching from a dongle DAC to my SMSL desktop stack provided a heavier-hitting sub-bass and a more layered, immersive soundstage. In particular, the SMSL stack had a lot more depth in addition to an increase in bass power. The midrange was also slightly fuller and the treble had more body and texture, occupying a slightly more laid-back position for better overall balance. Despite being sensitive on paper, the EA2000 didn’t pick up any hiss on any source that I used.


Simgot EA2000 FR Graph
Not much of a difference between the tuning plugs.

The EA2000 provides likely the most ear-pleasing tuning of any single-DD earphone I’ve tested straight out of the box. Fundamentally, Harman-inspiration is evident. However, a mid-bass bump and small lower-treble peak create a U-shaped character. Nevertheless, the tonality remains very pleasant. Lows are full yet controlled and super punchy, setting the foundation for an inviting light-warm midrange tonality. Though slightly laid-back, the vocals retain focus with a clear and natural voice. Meanwhile, the top-end is crisp and energetic.

As with many high-end IEMs, the focus is centered around the foreground preceding a darker background and subsequent boost in top-octave sparkle. Such tuning is fairly ideal for my preferences as it brings micro-details to the fore yet without any overt brightness or glare. As the contrast is slightly higher, I would characterize the EA2000 as a more engaging over linear and coherent earphone, yet as it lacks any midrange intensity, it remains suitable for long-term listening. Altogether, a beautifully tuned signature that’s engaging but not pushed too far so as to alienate lovers of balance.


The EA2000 has a hefty, well-weighted low-end tuned for engagement over linearity and balance. Thankfully, the bump is tasteful and doesn’t swing too far into the bass-head territory; this earphone will be enjoyed by those wanting balance while satisfying listeners wanting a bit more oomph too. Sub-bass extension is excellent, providing a hearty slam reaffirmed by palpable pressure at the very bottom. Rumble is well-defined and bass retains great definition into the sub-audible, very satisfying for electronic and drums. Mid-bass sits at the forefront, with a moderate hump. In turn, the bass is full and presented with a warm tone. It tapers off smoothly into a recessed lower-midrange thereafter to avoid midrange coloration and excessive warmth. While notes are clearly bold and enlarged, due to the progressive tuning and only modest mid-bass emphasis, bloat and muddiness are absent.

That said, detail retrieval is well above average. The EA2000’s note presentation is highly controlled, aided by a rigid driver and strong magnet structure. Decay is on the faster side for dynamic drivers and attack is aggressive too, helping to counterbalance the increased fullness. Dynamics are on the higher side as a result, though subjectively would have been aided by a cleaner tuning. In particular, the EA2000 possesses a very hard-hitting response, both in the mid and sub-bass, but misses some tightness and definition in the mid-bass. While detail retrieval is a good performer, the reduced separation means this isn’t the defining trait of this earphone. Rather it is the impressive depth, power, and texture on display that operate without upsetting the overall balance.

SIMGOT EA2000 Boson Review


With a recessed lower midrange and progressive rise to 2.3kHz prominence for pinna gain, the EA2000 retains a mostly natural voicing and avoids excessive tonal coloration too. It remains a colored earphone, with a light warm tone that counterbalances a slight reduction in midrange note body. Despite the emphasis appearing large in measurement, the EA2000 actually sounds a little laid-back in the midrange with its bass and treble tending to draw more focus. Subjectively, I find this contributes to a slightly easier listening experience, as it avoids the intensity and strain. The progressive tuning does mean the earphone retains a very natural voicing, vocals sit just in front of midrange instruments but aren’t peaky nor sibilant. If I had to critique them, they are a little raspy and over-articulated, a result of a subsequent 6kHz peak with only a small dip in between.

However, never is the EA2000 pushed into the realm of sharpness to my ears, especially when considering the slightly laid-back midrange position. The added warmth too makes this a more inviting listen to your usual reference earphone. It is a little more forgiving but also isn’t colored nearly to the extent that muffle and veil become an issue; if anything, the EA2000 is a clarity-enhanced earphone due to its articulate nature. The EA2000 is easy to enjoy with no notable weak points. Perhaps those sensitive to treble may find it a little bright leaning with its slight raspiness and slight thinness, but the lack of forwardness is a tasteful execution. The net result is a midrange that sounds natural yet clear with a hint of additional warmth augmented by enhanced note definition. While not perfectly even, it is perfectly enjoyable.

SIMGOT EA2000 Boson Review


Similar to the midrange, the EA2000 injects a little extra energy and zing here without overstepping boundaries. It is defined most by a small 6kHz peak in equal measure to the upper-midrange, albeit, due to the nature of human hearing, it appears slightly forward by comparison. Relative to the more linear earphones I’ve been enjoying lately, the EA2000 is crisper, sharper, and more energetic. It has great foreground detail retrieval owing to its clean transient response which enhances separation. Subjectively, some fine detail is overshadowed due to the bright upper-mid set to bright lower treble which could do with a little more damping in the 4kHz region, albeit treble itself is clean and clear. While note attack is keen, decay is a little quick, exacerbated by the dive into the middle-treble trough. Alongside the thinner note body, this saps some texture and shimmer, increasing the perception of thinness.

Regardless, the EA2000 is nicely detailed and has an awesome contrast to its dark, immaculately clean background. This draws further focus to the lower treble, minimizing glare, and ringing and preventing over-brightness. As with many earphones of this nature, a small upper-treble lift aids layering and headroom in the absence of middle-treble presence but don’t expect a lot of air as a result, it sounds quite muted. While the extension isn’t uncharacteristic of the price range, it isn’t at all lacking, producing a pleasing amount of energy and background detail. There still isn’t much sparkle and micro-detail at the very top that pricier models with this style of tuning may provide. However, the EA2000 does provide a nice sense of space without feeling sparse and its layers are nicely defined, with even smaller details in the background. While it doesn’t highlight said details, it provides enough nuance to achieve a good sense of dimension and depth that is far from a given at this price point.

SIMGOT EA2000 Boson Review


With good treble extension, the EA2000 sews its presentation together well with a nice, spacious soundstage. It stretches beyond the head with great width and has good but not sensational depth, forming an oval presentation. Imaging performance is good but not great. The EA2000 has good coherence and sharp positioning across its lateral plane. Directional cues are sharp and layering also performs at a high standard, being defined and delineated. However, the center image could do with more sharpness, being a bit diffuse and pushed laterally. Coronal positioning is nothing special.


The SIMGOT EA2000 is a good-looking and well-constructed IEM that has a sound signature offering an impressively versatile tonality with a natural, inviting midrange and a dynamic super punchy bass response. A general appeal that does well with almost any music genre. These IEMs sound as good as they look. EA2000 delivers exactly what it promises, a true flagship dynamic driver IEM for a relatively good price.