SIMGOT EA2000 Boson

The all-new EA2000 is a flagship pair of in-ear monitors from the house of Simgot. It packs a 12mm dynamic driver with a 6mm passive radiator unit that helps produce the pair a powerful sound with an excellent bass response and a pure high-fidelity sound output. The passive radiator driver here enhances the air movement and greatly improves the lower-end response in the output signal.

Simgot has featured beautifully crafted stainless steel ear shells with transparent face panels that give the pair an exquisite finish. It comes with a high-quality silver-plated OFC cable that adopts a swappable termination plug system. These swappable plugs have tuning circuits inside of them that help in adjusting the output tuning.

Simgot has featured a large 12mm high-power dual-cavity dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit as the full-frequency driver inside the EA2000. The dual-magnetic circuit produces an outstandingly powerful magnetic flux of over 1.9T, providing a sensitive response with ultra-low distortion. This driver unit is complemented by a 6mm passive radiator unit that works with the air movement produced by the 12mm driver. It resonates at a constant frequency to amplify and effectively enhance the lower-end response in the output signal.

Simgot EA2000 adopts a unique way to adjust the output tuning. Its stock cable has a swappable tuning plug system, each with a different tuning circuit. The pair comes with three different plugs, so offering three unique sound profiles with the EA2000.

Simgot EA2000 features beautifully crafted 5-axis CNC carved ear shells. The shells here are made using high-quality stainless steel material. The pair adopts highly-transparent face panels that give the set a charming and delicate look. The pair has been designed in an ergonomic shape to ensure a comfortable fit for most users.

Simgot EA2000 comes with a high-quality silver-plated OFC cable as stock. It has an 8-core configuration made using a special weaving process. It treats the users with a clean and natural sound with stable signal transmissions. The cable has 19 strands per core, a total of 152 strands in the cable. It adopts a high-quality skin-friendly TPE material outer coating that makes the cable oxidation resistant and also protects the signal from microphonic issues.


  • 1 Dynamic Driver + 1 Passive Radiator Driver Configuration.
  • Specially developed 12mm Dual-Cavity, Dual-Magnetic Dynamic Driver.
  • Powerful Magnetic Flux Density of over 1.9T.
  • 6mm Passive Radiator Driver Unit.
  • 5-Axis CNC Carved Stainless Steel Ear Shells.
  • High-Transparency Artistic Crystal Face panels.
  • Stable & Comfortable Fit.
  • Eight-Strands Silver-Plated OFC Cable.
  • Swappable Termination Plugs.
  • Adjustable Tuning With Swappable Plugs.
  • Easy To Drive.


  • Impedance: 23Ω±15%.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 114dB.

Price: $319