SIVGA Luan Review

SIVGA Luan Review

SIVGA Luan Review – Dynamic Driver Open-back Headphone

SIVGA’s latest open-back headphone the Luan comes with a 50mm dynamic driver inside. Nickel coating technology is used on the edge part of the diaphragm, which has excellent features such as lightweight, good rigidity, and good elasticity. The dome of the dynamic driver is made of macromolecule organic carbon fiber composite. It can absorb and suppress excessive vibration effectively. The coil is made of copper-clad aluminum material. A high-strength and stable magnetic circuit system, that has a 24.5mm oversized and high magnetic energy and NdFeB magnet with the power of 350KJ/M 3, provides a strong driving force for the driver, ensuring high sensitivity.

SIVGA Luan Review

The material on the earpad is made of skin-friendly fabric. It is extremely soft and wears comfortable. The earpad shape is an oval shape and large size, and it fits different ears very well. The skin-friendly fabric combined with a lightweight design, this headband makes no pressure on the heads even after a long time of wearing. The material on top of the headband is made of leather, which is soft and has high-end quality.

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The leather carrying case of Luan is rock solid. Looks and feels high quality.

The headphone housing is made of solid wood. It is precisely carved by a CNC machine and then made by traditional processes like grinding. polishing, painting. natural air drying and etc.

The connector on the headphone housing is a size of 3.5mm, so it can be compatible with most of the cables in the market for easy upgrading. The detachable cable is made of high quality and smooth TPU rubber so there is no noise when touching the cloth during listening. It is also tangle-free.

What’s in the box


  • Driver: Dynamic driver
  • Driver size: 50mm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 40KHz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance: 38 Ohm +/-15%
  • Cable length: 1.6 M +/-0.2 M
  • Connector: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 354 g
  • Price: $359

I would like to thank Sivga Audio for providing me with the review sample of Luan.


At 38Ω, the SIVGA Luan seems like it is easily driven on paper and may not benefit from copious amounts of extra power, but you’d be wrong in assuming that. While the headphone sounds plenty nice off a standard DAP or cell phone, they highly benefit from high amounts of extra power.

SIVGA Luan Review


Ok, so as mentioned, this SIVGA Luan is generally on the warm and musical side. Yet, the stock sound signature on the low end is very linear sounding and a bit lean on mobile sources. However, this feels like one of the smoothest dynamic driver bass experiences.

The SIVGA Luan bass’s texture and tone are thick, weighted, and deep-reaching. Bass hits moderately hard, so I’d rate this as a moderately engaging low-end in regard to slam effect and physicality potential. It is not soft on impact; it is not painfully wince-worthy either.

The bass shows a good level of depth and extension. The rumble and intensity are on a sufficient level and should satisfy multiple genres, from electronic music up to faster genres like metal music, while only bass-heads could possibly ask for more rumble and depth. The midbass region of the Luan adds the overall presentation warmth and fullness without showing any remarkable midbass hump or muddiness. The midbass region is energetic. Drums sound textured and very natural, while bass guitars have a slightly warmish and full-bodied tonality. If you like linear and smooth bass, it has it in stock form.

SIVGA Luan Review
3.5mm standard connectors.


The SIVGA Luan is forward sounding. The level of clarity, airiness, and detail retrieval is very good. The lower midrange shows a good amount of intensity and fullness without sounding muddy or dry, which makes the male presentation pretty emotional and musical at the same time. The voice reproduction of male vocals has good depth and fullness, while the resolution and clarity are also on a pretty good level. Female vocals are accented and quite detailed. When it comes to the instrument presentation of the Luan, it shows a slightly warm and pretty musical tonality. Everything sounds quite natural, from guitars to the violins. Acoustic guitars are warmish, bassy, and still pretty clean in their presentation.

The upper midrange of the Luan is quite energetic and shows a pretty strong intensity that tends to a bright tonality. This region offers a good level of transparency and airiness. SIVGA Luan offers a good level of extension and detail retrieval from female vocals to instruments in this area.

SIVGA Luan Review
The earpads are made of skin-friendly fabric.


The SIVGA Luan’s top side is energizing. The treble range has a fairly neutral tonality with enough extension and a level of airiness. The lower treble region is more highlighted and detailed compared to the upper treble region. The lower treble region of Luan is very well-tuned in terms of quantity, intensity, and sharpness. This area adds to the overall presentation a nice sense of clarity and definition. The speed and extension in the lower treble area are on a good level.

There’s a lot of micro detail with a very transparent and resolving performance. One thing they did well in the treble is its control. Higher frequency sounds natural with no harshness or sibilance felt, even in vocals hitting extended high notes. The Luan’s treble is tuned well enough to avoid fatigue in extended listening.

SIVGA Luan Review

Soundstage – Imaging

It’s quite spacious, with a really good separation of sound sources. You will definitely appreciate the soundstage. Its depth and width are pretty impressive, and thanks to it you don’t feel that the sound comes from inside your head but it surrounds you. It’s almost like listening to stereo speakers.

That brings us to the excellent imaging abilities of Luan. The new model from SIVGA has great layering and separation, so you can focus on whatever instrument, vocal or other elements of a recording. It has a very clean presentation in terms of delivery, and it merges these qualities with its impressive separation, sharpness, and focus.

The Luan is good on details and also very good in terms of overall resolution and transparency. When you combine great micro detail ability, realistic timbre, and coherent performance altogether, you get one of the best options in the market among dynamic driver headphones in this price range.

SIVGA Luan Review


The SIVGA Luan is an excellent open-back headphone with a natural and spacious sound that is worth its price. Its slightly warmer sound signature makes it ideal for people who prefer such headphones.

Low impedance and high sensitivity make it easy to drive with almost any amplifier, but it scales very well with a better source. The headphone is also highly comfortable, thanks to its optimal clamping force and the design of ear pads.

Overall, the SIVGA Luan is a great option for people looking for high-quality open-back headphones that offer natural, spacious sound and deliver an exceptional listening experience without breaking the bank.