SIMGOT EA500 LM Review

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review – The IEM To Get in 2024

The SIMGOT EA500 IEM was one of the most talked about IEMs in 2023. Two months ago SIMGOT released the successor of the EA500, the EA500 LM. Although the name suggests that LM is the successor, the tuning style says otherwise in my opinion. Let’s find out.

EA500 LM is built on the EA1000‘s 2nd-generation DMDC™ technology, optimizing factors such as magnetic circuit structure and volume ratio have enhanced the improved dual-magnet and dual-cavity design. This advanced DMDC™ system includes both internal and external magnetic circuits, resulting in a strong effective magnetic flux.

This improvement enhances transient response and widens the headphones’ bandwidth, ensuring minimal distortion at all frequencies. This upgraded system provides better control over high frequencies than its predecessor.

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review

The EA500 LM also combines acoustic customization and intricate tuning in a compact design. It provides a versatile listening experience with three interchangeable nozzles made from different materials and mixing cloth techniques. By merging precise engineering with Simgot Technology’s tuning expertise, it offers three unique sound profiles that balance frequency response. The device’s multi-layered tuning system orchestrates each component for durability and versatility.

The EA500 LM combines advanced finite element simulation with expert craftsmanship too. It fine-tunes every detail, from diaphragm design to ear shell acoustics, delivering top-notch sound quality. Housed in a sturdy CNC-engraved alloy body, it is both durable and stylish, featuring a special internal structure.

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review

The EA500 LM comes with an extra one brass and two stainless steel nozzles. Users can change different tuning styles by quickly disassembling and installing the nozzles of different tuning cloth systems. When the filter is blocked after a long time, users can replace the filter themselves, extending the product’s service life and increasing the scope of adaptation.

The headphone cavity is processed through high-density alloy metal melting & casting and CNC fine engraving. The body is sturdy and durable. The inner surface is subtly uneven, effectively suppressing standing waves and providing a clear sound floor. Complemented by mirror plating technology, the earphone body is as elegant.

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review

The EA500 LM comes with a high-quality 0.78mm 2-pin detachable silver-plated OFC cable. The detachable design also leaves space for cable upgrades and brings more fun. The 2-pin is durable with a long service life and almost became the standard when it comes to IEMs. We barely see the MMCX connectors which were widely used before.



  • Impedance: 21Ω±15%(@1kHz)
  • Sensitivity: 123dB/Vrms
  • Frequency response range: 10Hz-50kHz
  • Effective frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin
  • Cable material: High-purity silver-plated OFC cable
  • Price: $89.99

I want to thank SIMGOT for providing me with the review sample of the EA500 LM IEM.


SIMGOT EA500 LM Review

The EA500 LM is tuned following the immensely popular Harman-2016 target frequency response curve. The sound signature is highly revealing, exceptionally dynamic, and wonderfully composed, if you like this kind of tuning of course. The tonality is largely neutral with a slightly boosted bass but never boring. The tuning is bright yet quite refined. The low impedance and the high sensitivity guarantee efficient driveability across all sources.

Let’s remember the tuning of the original EA500 with the bigger brother EA1000 side by side.

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review

And lastly, let’s look at the budget model EW200 compared with EA500 LM.

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review

As you may see from the graphs, the EA500 LM is the successor of the EW200 tuning-wide but in the original EA500 style shells.


The EA500 LM delivers rich and powerful bass hits that are textured and strong. Despite this, they don’t overwhelm you. Instead, the deep rumble and impactful hits create a well-balanced, perfectly timed, and highly satisfying sound.

The sub-bass has a deep sound with great texture. The midbass hits hard without being overpowering. The notes have a nice weight to sound realistic. Every detail is clear. The agility in this section is truly impressive.

Even In the busiest music, I can easily tell apart the strong kickdrum hits and deep bass sounds. The electronic bass beats create just the right amount of intensity without overpowering the other sounds. The double bass creates a deep and echoing sound. The energy in this part is conveyed accurately without being overly emphasized.

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review


The mids are impressively transparent with well-defined notes that are full-bodied and free from any harsh peaks. It’s a refined and palpable sound, not overly lush, with a neutral tonality that remains engaging.

The male vocals have a nice throaty and textured quality. They’re not too full, giving them an organic feel, but still sound authentic. The grit in the voice is noticeable without being too rough. Even though they’re well-defined, the vocals have a classic analog sound.

Female vocals are considerably vibrant. All of them are brought forward effortlessly. They sound unrestrained, presenting everything they have to offer with no holds barred. Uncomfortable peaks are kept in check as well.

Instruments are meticulously replicated with precise accuracy. The sounds are clear, crispy, and have a three-dimensional quality. Despite their sharpness, they never sound thin or delicate. The EA500 LM effortlessly produces the natural sounds with equal skill.

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review


The treble has an exhilarating presence. It sounds slightly forward and bright but not overly in your face. Both the lower and upper treble are equally and abundantly energetic. The notes have a tactile presence. Together they create the most ethereal treble response which is rare for a below USD$100 IEM.

The cymbal strikes are crystal clear and exciting. The hi-hat roles stand out in the music. The notes are distinct and, along with the energetic performance, create a magical sensation.

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review


The EA500 LM impresses with its incredibly spacious and airy sound. The background is clean. The stage feels wide, tall, and deep, providing a fantastic holographic experience. The instrument separation is exceptional, and the imaging is precise within the soundstage.

Based on my experience, I found that Harman-2016 curve-based tuning tends to be dull or uninteresting. However, the EA500 LM is completely different. It offers an incredibly dynamic sound, with noticeable changes in volume and impressive small-scale details. The musical notes feel tangible, and every intricate detail is accurately reproduced.

SIMGOT EA500 LM Review


EA500 LM offers a well-balanced tuning with a good amount of bass. It maintains note weight while bringing out fine details. The stage is open and articulate, with precise imaging and three-dimensional notes. The resolution is unmatched in its price range. The EA500 LM provides excellent dynamics, realistic sound, detailed layering, smooth texture, spacious sound, and impressive high-frequency range flexibility.

SIMGOT EA500 LM offers exceptional value with its precise imaging, detailed notes, and balanced macro and micro details. The open stage and high resolution make it stand out for the asking price and in the under $100 market, the EA500 LM is the IEM to get in 2024.