SIMGOT EW100P Review

SIMGOT EW100P Review

SIMGOT EW100P Review – Good Tuning for the Masses

The SIMGOT EW100P features a 10mm dynamic driver, equipped with a dual-layer Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm.

The EW100P has stylish and ergonomic shells. Other than that, constructed with aluminum alloy face plates the IEM offers good stability and durability for long-lasting use.

SIMGOT EW100P Review

The ergonomic design also ensures a comfortable fit and secure placement. The IEM shells are very lightweight and although they are made of plastic or 3D printed, can’t tell, they feel nice in the hand. I wish they were made of metal but these cost just $19.99 after all, SIMGOT should cut cost out of somewhere, right?

SIMGOT EW100P Review
The red and blue dots are there, thank you SIMGOT!

The included detachable copper cable is shielded with silver foil, ensuring optimal signal transmission. This high-quality cable offers enhanced durability and reduced microphonics. It’s a soft cable that is good, handles well, and has minimum tangling issues if handled carefully.

  • Driver: 10mm high-performance dual-cavity dynamic unit
  • Diaphragm: LCP
  • Unit impedance: 32Ω±10% (@1kHz)
  • Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
  • Distortion: THD<1% (@1kHz)
  • Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-45kHz
  • Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin
  • Price: $19.99

I want to thank SIMGOT for providing me with the review sample of the EW100P.


The SIMGOT EW100P is easy to drive but trust me they like power. They react and scale very well.

SIMGOT EW100P Review

With deep lows and a slight emphasis on highs, the EW100P is a nice all-rounder that should fit most listeners. But, what’s really impressive is how natural and inoffensive the EW100P seems to be. Even when I cranked up the volume the IEM never threw me back.


The bass has a slight elevation, particularly in the midbass section but it is fast and precise with lots of energy behind it and bass tones come in clear with good note distinction.

The EW100P has a dynamic low-end reproduction. The bass is punchy, rounded, and very controlled. I found the amount of bass quite balanced. It offers a bass that feels precise, accurate, and organic. It’s deep, and clean, without overpowering the rest of the spectrum. It has a cool rumble.

SIMGOT EW100P Review


Rich, full, and clean mids make for an enjoyable experience. The mids show a good body and the tonality feels right. Male vocals sound adequately bold and authoritative, female vocals sound transparent and open. The midrange is really clean, natural, and smoothly textured. Has nice clarity and a natural tone. Vocals and instruments feel just right, with good timbre and body.  It seems fairly balanced in frequency response.

SIMGOT EW100P Review
Not the stock tips, ddHiFi ST35


Highs are clean and refined. No harshness, some nice boost on the upper range. The EW100P has clear highs and good resolution that you would not expect from a $20 set. It is a fairly revealing IEM producing a good amount of micro details and nuances. The treble range is no different than the rest of the frequency range. It is gentle with a good presence and it is detailed.


The staging is realistic and not exaggeratedly large but can project a fairly natural sound positioning.

Another aspect of the EW100P is its ability to resolve and keep congestion to a minimum and keep elements within a track separated one from the other. Layering is done well and the EW100P gives the user a decent amount of directional information and placement.

SIMGOT EW100P Review


EW100P vs 7Hz Zero vs Moondrop CHU

7Hz Zero and Moondrop CHU, are the two best IEMs in the $20 price range in my opinion. If it gets bassier than these two it gets out of my attention. I love polite and quality lows on IEMs, I don’t care about quantity. People judged the CHU as not having enough bass and also mid-bass and also 7Hz Zero for the same reasons. The EW100P has slightly more mid-bass compared to these two. And even not much, around 2-3dB, it affects the sound. That will make many users happy I can predict that. And I agree with them to some point, depending on the track that I’m listening. If you find the CHU slightly bright and lacking mid-bass the EW100P is here to save you (don’t mind the 5.5Khz peak on the graph, it’s not hearable, probably is there because of my coupler). Also if you did find 7Hz Zero lacking some sparkle and mid-bass EW100P is here to save you too.


The SIMGOT EW100P is an extremely solid IEM that is worth well beyond its price. Its sound signature is neutral and highly enjoyable. All in all the EW100P has a pleasant, popular, and easy to like tuning, while at the same time delivering enough technical precision. It’s a great all-rounder for beginners and it took the place in my top 3 in the ultra-budget segment.