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Moondrop Chu Review

Moondrop Chu Review – The Irresistible

The successor to the Moondrop Spaceship model, the new Chu has a completely different design concept, a more traditional Chinese styling, and significantly upgraded acoustic architecture.

Following the Aria’s decentralized dynamic structure, the high-performance 10mm composite cavity with high-frequency phased waveguide leverages an N52 Nd magnet internal magnetic circuit and 0.035m ultra-thin imported CCAW sound coil to obtain high energy conversion efficiency.

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In order to match the frequency response as closely as possible to the VDSF Target Response, the acoustic coupling cavity needs to be carefully controlled. Through volume and dimension calculation, FEA finite element simulation and 3D printing experiment verification, an acoustic coupling cavity has been created which can accurately reproduce the ideal frequency response.

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The MOONROP VDSF Target Response is a parametric target and sound quality is controlled by composite elements, thus restoring the sound quality to mastering levels, and creating an open soundstage with the characteristics of a diffusion-tuned space. MOONDROP VDSF Target Response is a target frequency response curve based on the HRTF  (head-related transfer function) of B&K HATS under diffusion and the ideal room preference curve. The closer the frequency response curve measured under B&K HATS is to the target frequency response curve, the more the earphones can reproduce soundstage imaging in terms of frequency response.

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You get 12.99$ worth Spring Tips in the 19.99$ package

The Chu comes standard with the popular Spring Tips ear tips. Spring Tips suppress undesirable resonance through a special diffusion structure, significantly reducing high-frequency linear distortion caused by nozzle resonance, and optimizing natural high-frequency timbre. At the same time, the carefully selected material of the Spring Tips cap can better fit the ear canal without stickiness, and the special radial double support structure can prevent bass loss.

What’s in the box


  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Driver: 10mm high-performance dynamic driver
  • Diaphragm material: Titanium-coated
  • Sound coil: 0.035mm ultra-fine black CCAW
  • Magnetic circuit: N52 neodymium magnetic high-performance internal magnetic circuit
  • Acoustic filter: Patented anti-blocking (anti-imbalanced) acoustic filter
  • Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms @1KHz)
  • Impedance: 28 0hm
  • THD: THD@1KHz51%
  • Frequency range: 10Hz-35kHz (IEC61094, Free Field)
  • Effective frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)
  • Price: 20$ (22$ with mic)

I would like to thank Hifigo for providing me with the review sample of Moondrop Chu (no affiliate link).

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Moondrop Chu FR Graph


There’s a nice thickness to the lows that resonate with a much cleaner response than you’d think. They’re particularly well-balanced in the sense that the bass helps lift the timbre to a much bigger scale, rather than showcase a certain character. You get plenty of detail and texture, but with a much more subtle tonality. You can feel a great rumble that emanates with a nice smoothness at certain points, but that’s as forward as the bass gets.

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I was quite pleased with the sense of naturalness in the midrange. At times the tone can lean into the warmer area of the timbre but stick to clarity and detail. You receive a pleasant output of body from the mids, and instruments and effects feel properly impactful within the sound signature. Vocals appear commanding in certain areas, pushing the mix forward with increased momentum. The upper mids have a sweet resonance that brings a lot of spaciousness to the mix and further characterizes the timbre with extensive details.

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With a lot of the treble frequencies, there’s a wispy aura to them that establishes crisp colouration and height. You get some nice details and a timbre that’s consistently smooth and digestible for those who might be sensitive to the high-end. There’s not much else here offered in the treble. It possesses a sweet tonality, but if it added a bit more sparkle, it would appear all the better.

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The Chu does a great job when it comes to separation both in layers and instruments. The soundstage is also better than I expected. Is wide and deep enough to enjoy your acoustic and instrumental tracks.

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The Moondrop Chu is an extremely solid IEM that is worth well beyond its price. Its sound signature is spacious and highly enjoyable from its great tuning. The design and fit are also top-notch. For only $19.99, the Moondrop Chu is definitely the new benchmark in this price range even surpassing some big players in sound quality. I’m sure this model will sell in big numbers. People already started to mod the Chu for detachable cable support. My mmcx mod will come soon too.

Update: Here is the mod 🙂

Moondrop Chu Mmcx Mod By ARN