SMSL C200 BT5.0 USB DAC Headphone AMP 3

SMSL C200 BT5.0 USB DAC & Headphone AMP

The new SMSL C200 is a high-performance desktop all-in-one DAC-AMP that comes equipped with an ES9038Q2M Sabre DAC chip. SMSL has equipped it with multiple inputs including USB, Bluetooth, Coaxial, and Optical too. It has a Headphone output with dual output ports (4.4mm balanced and 6.35mm single-ended) and also provides line-out via RCA and TRS ports.

SMSL C200 uses a second-generation XMOS USB processor that provides full support for decoding high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals.

SMSL C200 BT5.0 USB DAC Headphone AMP

C200 is not just a decoder, it also has a powerful headphone amplification circuit that produces an output thrust of up to 2.6W @ 16Ω of impedance load. SMSL has featured dual headphone outputs, one 6.35mm single-ended and another 4.4mm balanced.

SMSL C200 BT5.0 USB DAC Headphone AMP 5

SMSL C200 has a variety of supported digital inputs including USB, Coaxial, Optical, and Bluetooth. With the help of the latest-generation Bluetooth chipset, the C200 provides Bluetooth input that users can use to feed signals directly through their smartphones.

SMSL C200 BT5.0 USB DAC Headphone AMP 4

SMSL C200 features a built-in discrete component linear power supply. There is no external AC adapter and provides clean power to the Digital and Analog circuits.

You can use the SMSL C200 as a dedicated DAC with its line-out function. It has both RCA as well as TRS line-out options that one can use to connect the C200 to further amplifiers in their chain.

SMSL C200 BT5.0 USB DAC Headphone AMP 2


  • ES9038Q2M DAC Chip.
  • 4 x OPA1612A
  • High-Performance Amp Section With 4xOPA1612A Chips.
  • Bluetooth V5.0 input.
  • Supports Hi-Res 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD512 Audio Signals.
  • Two-Level Gain.
  • Powerful Output(Up to 2.6W).
  • Low-Noise Power Supply.
  • Full-Functioning Remote Control.
  • Dual Headphone Output(4.4mm+6.35mm).
  • Hi-Res Audio.
  • Hi-Res Audio Wireless.

Price: $219