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HZSOUND Heart Mirror Pro Review

Back in 2020, HZSOUND Heart Mirror stole the heart of many audiophiles with its good performance and attractive price tag. Last month, HZSound has released a successor to the classic Heart Mirror, the new HZSound Heart Mirror Pro. Based on a single 10mm CNT Diaphragm dynamic driver audio architecture, the Heart Mirror Pro has got newer shells and a high-quality stock cable and also tweaks in the tuning.

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HZSound Heart Mirror Pro is launched in two color options, Bright Silver and Starry Black, priced at 79.99$.

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HZSound Heart Mirror Pro comes equipped with a 10mm CNT(Carbon Nanotube) Diaphragm dynamic driver unit. This driver has a dual-cavity structure with a gold-plated brass inner cavity for reduced sound wave reflection inside the cavity. Mirror Pro features a powerful magnetic circuit on the Heart Mirror Pro with N52 magnets. They also feature a Japanese Daikoku CCAW voice coil on the driver.

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HZSound has designed the ear shells for Heart Mirror Pro using a high-precision CNC machining process. They have carved the cavities out of high-quality zinc alloy material, and then hand-polished by skilled artists for a rich and premium finish. Heart Mirror Pro is available in two color options, Bright Chrome Silver, and Midnight Starry Black. Both the color options look beautiful and have a heart-shaped ergonomic form factor.

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HZSound has also brought an upgrade to the cable with the Heart Mirror Pro. Now you get a high-purity OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) silver-plated cable with swappable termination plugs as stock with the Heart Mirror Pro. The package will include three swappable termination plugs, 2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm. Also, a second cable with a mic comes in the package which is a sweet bonus I think. Last but not least the carrying case is one the best I saw in this price range.

What’s in the box

Technical Specs

  • Impedance: 32Ω.
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz.
  • THD+N: <1%.
  • Sensitivity: 110dB.
  • Termination Plugs: 2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm.
  • Nozzle Diameter: 5.91mm

I would like to thank Keephifi for providing me with the review sample of Heart Mirror Pro.


Heart Mirror Pro FR Graph

Heart Mirror Pro has a powerful lower end, rich midrange, and lively high-frequency response. And delivers a punchy lower end with crisp vocals, and energetic treble while maintaining good quality resolution and separation.

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You can expect a fine helping of thick bass from the Heart Mirror Pro. It disperses textured emphasis in the sub-bass and mid-bass regions and knows when to pull back on its resonance. This way the Heart Mirror Pro can satisfy your bass-head needs while maintaining a respectable amount of control for superior clarity. The frequencies are also evenly spaced throughout the timbre, offering greater depth to the sound signature than what is expected at the price.

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The midrange shed a spotlight on the fundamental and upper-frequency bands, presenting them in an expressive manner. Some instruments in the lower mids have issues cutting through clearly, but still, retain some sense of balance with the rest of the frequency spectrum. Their spacious nature highlights performances quite nicely, but the Heart Mirror Pro can be a tad picky with what spectral elements it chooses to showcase. For instance, instruments in the upper midrange will pop more aggressively over the rest of the frequency response, causing some noticeable crispness. While aspects of lower-midrange instrumentals and vocals don’t quite hit as hard, they still effectively support the fantastic sonic environment this IEM is creating.

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When I hit the first track to test the Heart Mirror Pro I was greeted with a heavy treble presence. However, this isn’t an overly bright or piercing treble, but a clean and resolving one that is granted a significant amount of gain. With this power comes a semi-sharp sheen to the high frequencies that can be troublesome for sensitive listeners, but when it comes to its technical fidelity, the detail is impressive for the price.

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I’ve heard some great IEM soundstages in this price range, and the Heart Mirror Pro is now one of them. It is not only fantastically wide but also layered and accurate. You really get the sense of natural open space with these IEMs, as they perform each track with airy separation and outward positioning. It does an especially good job at presenting sound elements with their proper height, displaying instruments and vocals in more of a floaty image that wraps around you for increased immersion.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the Heart Mirror Pro. The way it was priced I wasn’t expecting a huge upgrade from the competitors, but I was really surprised by how spacious and clear it was. These are a more treble-focused IEM, but it is tuned in a way that feels controlled without sacrificing any considerable detail. For $79 the Heart Mirror Pro can feel like a steal. Some say it’s not an upgrade to the original Heart Mirror, which I did not review, but I think as a whole package with 2 cables and exchangeable plugs the Pro may be the best budget IEM these days.