SMSL announced its latest desktop DAC and AMP models the DO100 and HO100 e1648566670293


SMSL announced its latest desktop DAC and AMP models the DO100 and HO100.

DO100 Bluetooth Audio DAC

  • Mini size design, very suitable for desktop use;
  • CNC integrated milling process, simple and stylish;
  • 2 pieces of ESS Technology high-end D/A chip ES9038Q2M;
  • Qualcomm’s latest Bluetooth chip supports LDAC 24bit/96kHz, APTX/HD, SBC, AAC;
  • 4x high-end dual op-amp OPA1612 and a large number of audio grade components;
  • The 2nd generation XMOS solution supports DoP256 and native DSD512, and PCM supports up to 32bit/768kHz;
  • Audio clock processing circuit, greatly reducing the clock jitter;
  • All input ports (except Bluetooth) support DSD transmission, coaxial and optical supports DoP64;
  • Built-in specially designed low-noise switching power supply;
  • Built-in discrete component linear power supply and multiple low-noise power supplies for analogue circuits;
  • High-quality gold-plated input and output connection terminals;
  • Japan Audio Association (JAS) Hi-Res certification;
  • Equipped with full-function remote control.

Price: 215$

SMSL DO100 Hi Res Audio DAC e1648565875915

HO100 Headphone Amplifier


  • Ultra-low distortion precision feedback circuit, distortion as low as 0.00006%!
  • Ultra-low noise power supply design, so that the output noise is as low as 1.3uV (APX555B measured value, not equivalent);
  • Classic Toggle Switch for Operation;
  • Ultra-compact design, suitable for desktop headphone system;
  • High precision low temperature drift resistance, its performance is not affected by temperature;
  • High-quality relays and pop less sound design;
  • 3 Watts into 16 Ohm,1.5 Watts into 32 Ohm;
  • 20 Hz to 500 kHz Frequency Response;
  • High, middle and low three gears can switch gain control;
  • The headphone amplifier has DC, comprehensive protection such as overvoltage and thermal protection;
  • Use a high-efficiency and ultra-low noise power system.

Price: 134$

SMSL HO100 3 e1648565977798