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Softears Turii Ti

Softears unveiled its single dynamic driver flagship IEMs known as the Softears Turii in 2019. Turii came out to be a huge success for the brand. It’s unique packaging, its unique design, and its exquisite sound performance just made it the talk of the town upon its release. Today, Softears has released a new special edition Titanium shell edition the new Softears Turii Ti.

There are plenty of new upgrades that we get with the Softears Turii Titanium starting with their shell material. The OF Turii had minimalistic-looking black ear shells, but the special edition has got high-quality Titanium alloy shells. Secondly, Softears has also upgraded the stock cable for the new Turii Titanium. It now bundles a high-purity sterling silver cable with an Interchangeable termination plug design. Thirdly, the new Softears Turii Titanium comes bundled with their newly developed Ultra-Clear Eartips. Softears has also brought a change in the price of the Turii Titanium.

Softears Turii Ti Titanium 3

Softears Turii Titanium walks in the footsteps of the original Turii with a single dynamic driver configuration. The dynamic driver here uses a PEEK Suspension with a robust and ultra-lightweight DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm coil. With the help of new Titanium housings, Softears Turii Ti enables the dynamic driver to perform top of its capabilities and deliver the users an authentic high-resolution experience. Softears has designed the internal architecture of the Turii Ti using a high-quality brass inner cavity structure. This brass cavity has got seven different holes to manage the air pressure inside the cavity.

Softears Turii Ti Titanium 33

Softears haș designed the latest Turii Ti with high-quality aerospace-grade titanium alloy material. The shells look outstanding, better than ever before with a rich, smooth, textured finish. With these new Titanium Alloy Ear Shells, we can easily say our OG Turii has evolved so much into these beautiful Special Edition Shells.

Softears Turii Ti Titanium

Softears Turii Ti uses a high-quality neodymium magnet for its magnetic circuit. It is similar to that of the circuits used in full-sized speakers. The pair gets a strong magnetic flux of up to 1.6T allowing the diaphragm coil to move quickly and maintain low distortion levels in the output signal.

Softears Turii Ti Titanium

Softears Turii came out to be a sensational IEM with a unique design of its own. The latest Turii Ti carries that legacy forward just with a different material. It has the same design as the original Turii, you will notice the latest Turii Ti have a beautiful twisted design.

Softears Turii Ti comes with a brand new Pure Sterling Silver cable with swappable termination plugs. Pure sterling silver cable provides us with better signal transmission compared to the stock cable of the OG Turii. You get to switch between the 2.5mm Bal, 4.4mm Bal, and 3.5mm single-ended termination plugs.

Softears Turii Ti Titanium 2


  • Premium Titanium-alloy shells.
  • Unique & elegant twisted design.
  • Custom single dynamic driver configuration.
  • Supports low impedance with ratings up to 25Ω.
  • Brass Inner Cavity.
  • PEEK Suspension combined with rigid DLC composite Diaphragm.
  • Powerful magnetic flux(over 1.6T).


  • Impedance: 25Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 117dB/1Vrms.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-42kHz  Effective Frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • THD+N: <0.1%.

Price: 2499$