TANCHJIM VAST DAC Power Amplifier AK4497EQ


TANCHJIM’s new limited edition DAC-AMP, the VAST, with dual AK4497EQ DAC chips is available to buy, but will be limited to 50PCS globally, so hurry.

The outer shell of VAST is the hand-assembled making of the aviation-grade aluminum alloy after precision CNC machining, and the avant-garde design of the Maya pyramid is built with sturdy lines. The panel is decorated with dot volume light strips, and the disc knob with a comfortable grip is embedded.


Different from most traditional desktop DAC power amplifiers specially built for Audio, VAST features various portable earphone interfaces, including the current mainstream 3.5 single-ended, 4.4 balanced, 6.5 single-ended, 4-core XLR, etc., which is convenient for daily use.


VAST supports the most common USB, Bluetooth, and coaxial inputs, and is also equipped with RCA single-ended and XLR-balanced signal output ports commonly used for active speakers.


The volume control module of VAST utilizes the MUSES72320 flagship chip and external buffer operational amplifier. This structure can effectively suppress the bottom noise of the output end and greatly reduce the sound loss. The power amplifier adopts four discrete transistor diamond amplifier circuits, which have stable current output, can easily drive devices with high capacitance and low impedance, and own excellent phase and frequency characteristics, restoring high-quality music.

TANCHJIM VAST DAC Power Amplifier AK4497EQ 3

VAST can be used as an external decoding power amplifier for TV and PC, the attractive acoustic experience can be enjoyed by connecting high-end active audio or headphones in daily listening watching or gaming contests, and its unique shape can also enhance the listening atmosphere.

TANCHJIM VAST DAC Power Amplifier AK4497EQ

TANCHJIM VAST will be limited to 50PCS globally.


TANCHJIM VAST DAC Power Amplifier AK4497EQ 4 e1643207312725

Price: 1899$

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