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TINHiFi C3 Review

TINHiFi C3 Review

TINHiFi C3 is a brand new pair of single-dynamic driver in-ear monitors from the brand featuring 3D-printed ergonomic ear shells. It adopts a 10mm dynamic driver with a PU+Ultra-Linear LCP composite diaphragm coil. Designed with carbon fiber faceplates, you get a really nice design with the C3. Also, the ergonomics and fit are very good.

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The C3 comes equipped with a 10mm large dynamic driver with a PU+Super-Linear LCP composite diaphragm, This diaphragm has got a uniform structure with strong elasticity that helps produce a clean and accurate sound with lower distortion in the output signal.

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Handsome carbon fiber face plate.

TINHiFi C3 ear shells are crafted using high-precision 3D printing technology. The shells are made up of lightweight resin material, they are super light in weight with each ear shell weighing just only 4.38 grams.

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Definitely the best stock cable in this price range

The C3 comes packed with a high-quality 4-core 270C silver-plated wire. C3 adopts standard 2-pin gold-plated connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug.

What’s in the box


  • Impedance: 32Ω±15%.
  • Max Power: 5mW.
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 106±3dB.
  • Price: $49

I would like to thank Keephifi for providing me with the review sample of TINHiFi C3 (no affiliate link).


TINHiFi C3 FR Graph

The TINHiFi C3 is a full-bodied IEM from top to bottom. It also displays a good level of cleanliness and clarity for the price level. In terms of weight (body) and coloring (warmth/smoothness), I wouldn’t describe the C3 as a neutrally tuned IEM. It is full sounding at all times, but it’s also musical, vibrant, and very engaging.


Bass impact and punch are good and bass in the C3 is always present (more than neutral). Bass reaches down low, but it isn’t the strongest in sub-bass and precision. The lower end is smooth and has an addictive warmth to it. It’s a lower end that the average consumer will certainly like. It’s engaging, foot-tapping bass. Excellent for popular music genres. Do note that the C3 is no bass monster either, it’s still civilized.

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The mids – even though they have good weight – are positioned a bit more to the back. But, as said, they don’t give you the full V-shaped tuning you expect from looking at the graph. The mids have natural, spacious tuning with a smooth delivery. Vocals are a bit more to the front, but they have a natural and realistic tonality, and they blend in just enough.


The treble section is energetic but never becomes sharp or aggressive. The extension is good, but not the furthest. It’s the kind of treble that you would expect in a more V-shaped tuned IEM for the masses. It’s not the most extended or technically strong, but it’s lively and energetic with a musical delivery.

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Technically, the C3 is no slouch. You do get a good level of precision, detail, sharpness, and layering (depth). However, note extension and decay aren’t the most impressive. At this price level, we’re not expecting that though. The treble section is nicely contrasting the fuller bass presentation with a crispy and energetic top end, without ever going overboard with the V-shaped signature.

Looking at the soundstage, the C3 isn’t the strongest but it certainly is on par with what you expect at this (price) level. The C3 is not the widest or deepest-sounding IEM, and you do get a more intimate presentation. However, because of a nice amount of mid-air and spaciousness, this is no disturbing factor.

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All-in-all the TINHiFi C3 has a pleasant, popular, and easy-to-like tuning, while at the same time delivering enough technical precision. Listeners who are not used to higher-end IEMs will be impressed (normal consumers) with the C3’s performance. At the same time, the TINHiFi C3 is also delivering what it takes to seduce the audiophile on a budget.