Topping MX5 DAC AMP 6

Topping MX5 DAC-AMP

Topping has announced its latest desktop all-in-one DAC/Headphone AMP/Power AMP, the Topping MX5. MX5 is a successor to the widely-acclaimed Topping MX3. It features a premium ESS Sabre DAC chip paired with an XMOS USB processor and a high-performance Qualcomm QCC Bluetooth chip for high-resolution audio signal decoding and wireless Bluetooth input support. Topping has featured NFCA Headphone Amp circuit on the MX5 providing up to 1.6W of output power at 32Ω of load. They have also equipped the MX5 with Infineon Merus Class D Power Amplifier chipset delivering 70W of clean output power for your speakers at 4Ω of load and 10% THD+N, even at high-quality THD+N 1% it outputs 55W of clean power.

Topping MX5 DAC AMP 3

Topping MX5 is a single device that you will need with your desktop system for HiFi audio needs. It has a premium ESS Sabre DAC chip that is supported by a high-quality XMOS USB processor enabling high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM as well as native DSD256 decoding support. It also houses a high-performance headphone amplifier circuit as well as a class D power amp circuit.

Topping MX5 DAC AMP

Topping MX5 houses Infineon Menus class D power amplifier. It achieves a 70Wx2 output power rating at 4Ω of load (THD+N 10%). At high-quality THD+N 1%, the MX5 outputs up to 55Wx2 clean power (4Ω). At 8Ω load, the Topping MX5 outputs up to 42Wx2 (10% THD+N), and 35Wx2 (1% THD+N).

Topping MX5 has an optimized NFCA Headphone Amp circuit that provides clean and powerful output with ultra-low noise and distortion ratings. It pairs with high-sensitivity IEMs and power-hungry headphones equally well with its output power rating of up to 1600mW@32Ω of load.

Topping MX5 DAC AMP 5

Topping MX5 houses multiple digital and analog input/output options including USB, Coaxial, Optical, Bluetooth, RCA, and TRS input options. It supports automatic on/off across all the input options. When a valid signal is detected the MX5 gets automatically turned on. When the valid signal is lost the device automatically goes into the Standby mode.

Topping MX5 DAC AMP 2

Users can adjust the Bass and Treble frequency response with the Topping MX5 as it has a built-in EQ function. Both the Treble and Bass regions can be adjusted within a range of -10dB to +10dB. Topping MX5 has a two-level gain mode which can be adjusted in both power amp as well as headphone amp mode. It allows the users to use both sensitive IEMs as well as demanding headphones with the device easily.

MX5 has two memories for remembering your custom settings. Users can store the information such as current input selection, output selection, volume setting, bass/treble EQ settings, and gain settings.


  • Premium ESS Sabre DAC Chip.
  • XMOS USB Processor.
  • Merus Class D Power Amp chipset.
  • NFCA Headphone Amp Chipset.
  • Digital & Analog Input support.
  • Qualcomm’s Latest Bluetooth Chip.
  • Bass & Treble Eq.
  • Two-step gain for both Headphone AMP and Power AMP.
  • Automatic On/Off.
  • Custom-Setting Memory.
  • Remote Control.
  • Hi-Res Audio Certified.

Topping MX5 DAC AMP 4

Price: 299$