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2 x MA12070 Fully balanced Class D amplifier

Each channel of PA3s uses one MA12070 Class D power amplifier chip. This allows separation in layout improving performance and reducing crosstalk. The power is shared across two chips, the heat dissipation is also halved for each chip, improving reliability and extending the lifespan of the product.


High output power

PA3s could output 80W x2 at 4ohm load, 10% THD+N. In a higher standard of THD+N of 1%, the output power will be 65W X2 at 4ohm load. The output power is enough to drive any bookshelf speakers and even some floor speakers.

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Balanced + Single-ended inputs

PA3s provides TRS balanced input and RCA single-end-ed input. The use of balanced input eliminates potential ground loop problems giving the pristinely clean audio without any hum. Two inputs are selectable using the front panel button. PA3s will remember the input selected when it was turned off.

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“Comfort zone” with the lowest distortion

The lowest THD+N of PA3s is in the range of 10-20W output, which happens to be the power range commonly used for listening to music. Everything is just in the right condition.

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D10 Balanced could be the best USB DAC for PA3s

D10 Balanced can provide high-fidelity USB decoding and TRS balanced output. When used with PA3s, it is equivalent to adding a high-performance USB input to PA3s. This combination is simple and efficient.

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Price: $149