TRN’s new budget TWS BT1 is on the market for 28$. This is a very good price for a 1DD+1BA earphone judging the big brother TRN300 (1DD+2BA) selling for 78$. TRN BT1 is almost 3/1 price, if it sounds only half quality of the T300 then it’s a bargain for sure. Check my TRN T300 review here,

TRN T300 Review – Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

TRN BT1 supports Bluetooth 5.0, unlike 5.2 of T300. Has no wireless charging and no Qualcomm aptX codec support, probably using a Realtek Bluetooth chip.

IPX5 waterproof is still there on TRN BT1, but has only 3 hours of playback time on one charge, which is 4 hours on T300, this is very low by today’s standards. The earpiece battery capacity is only 30mAh (this makes TRN BT1 very lightweight, 4.8 gr). The case gives you 18 hours of juice without the need to charge.

One of the specs of TRN T300 is it connects right after you open the hatch and I think it’s very useful for connection speed. You need to take BT1’s out of the case to connect.

The bass performance of TRN T300 is very good, very fun to listen to. Let’s see how TRN BT1 will perform.