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Xiaomi is going to occupy your desktop as well as your tech habits!

Xiaomi MK01 Keyboard Review

 There is something different (by different I mean “amazing”) going on with Xiaomi for the past year or so and no one can say the opposite.

Especially after the announcement of Mi 5, Mi Note and Mi Mix, Xiaomi not only got the general attention of the customers around the world, they also piqued the curiosity of the modern tech society. Today we are focusing and also reviewing another well designed Xiaomi product. It may sound like an ordinary mechanical keyboard at first yet we will try to both show you and convince ourselves to the contrary.

Xiaomi MK01 Keyboard

First of all, the MK01 is a led-backlit keyboard that equipped with 3528 back-mounted LEDs and comes with 6 different lightning modes which contains elegant and warm white color. While using the keyboard you can easily select different modes by pressing Fn + Ins keys so that your essays and reviews can be done quick and comfortable at night time.

Xiaomi MK01

MK01 offers us 50 Million keystrokes with reliability and durability. Thanks to its TTC Cherry red switch built, every key performs with lowest actuation force possible to ensure the gaming keyboard quality for all kinds of users out there. With the light weight of the keys it has a rapid and precise experience to provide. Similarly, MK01’s form factor is also the one of the strongest of the market.


The durability of the 940 grams of heft and delicacy of the aluminum alloy shell and 6 layers structure produces a corrosion resistant, sturdy and firm material so you don’t worry about spilling your coffee or a cheap feeling anymore. Besides the main body and key structure, the cable is also provides a stable and efficient connection thanks to its Micro USB type design.

Although not having a dedicated number pad on its right side like we used to have at classic keyboards, MK01 does the job very professionally by giving us the chance to adjust bracket to six different angles to reduce the fatigue due to long time use. Adding to this, each level of keys from top function keys to bottom space key, has its own key cap radian that alleviates the pressure against your finger tips.

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In conclusion, Xiaomi MK01 Backlit Keyboard can easily satisfy your needs from a keyboard with its ergonomic and effective design besides its quick responses and strong structure.

The keyboard is open to presale until December 6th around 80$.

Details and Specifications:

  •  White, Aluminum Alloy Body
  •  Wired Interface with Micro USB
  •  940 Grams weight (2,07 Pounds)
  •  35 x 12,8 x 3,15 cm / 13,78 x 5,04, 1,24 Inches
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