There was a time during this pandemic when we had to plug into our earphones and headphones almost the whole day due to various meetings and conferences. But now that a lot of companies and schools have gone back to in-person meetings and classes, there really isn’t a need to have devices that you can wear the whole day. Just in case you wanted to though, Yamaha has something for that purpose, provided you can afford its luxurious price tag.

Designer: Yamaha




The YH-5000SE is boasting that it’s a pair of headphones that you’ll be able to wear the whole day because it is lightweight and in fact, “featherlight”. It is made from magnesium and weighs in at just 326 grams. It has a dual-layered headband but the weight is evenly distributed so it will not feel that heavy if you need to have it on for long periods of time.

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You have a choice as to what materials you want your ear cups to be, either you want the more textured suede or the possibly fluffier sheepskin. Of course as with headphones, sound quality is the most important. If you trust Yamaha’s technology, you’ll most likely enjoy its Orthodynamic drivers and its detachable OFC cables to bring you better sound quality when it comes to mids, highs, and deep lows. Because it’s lightweight, the sound distortion is also lessened.


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Design-wise, it looks like your typical Yamaha headphones with a minimalist look and monochromatic colors. It does have a futuristic look so you would look pretty cool wearing it around. Now the price tag is something that would make most people pause as the pair costs $5,000. But if you could afford it and you need something pretty lightweight, the YH-5000SE sounds like a good option.

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