Yulong DA1 All-in-One Desktop DAC Headphone AMP Pre-AMP

Yulong is a premium desktop audio equipment manufacturing brand based in China. They excel in manufacturing high-performance all-in-one desktop audio devices bringing together HiFi DAC with powerful Amp and Pre-Amp functions in a single device. Famous products from them include Aquila II, DA10, both of which are as stated earlier fantastic All-in-one devices for HiFi audio needs.


Today they announced their latest Desktop All-in-one device with Top-Of-The-Line specifications and performance, meet the all-new Yulong DA1. It can serve its purpose as a standalone HiFi DAC connected to other power amp’s in your chain, or you can use its benefits as a pre-amplifier for speakers, or even as a pure headphone amplifier with balanced and single-ended headphone output ports. The Yulong DA1 is equipped with an industry-leading AK4499EQ DAC chip, independent IV circuit, Dual audio clock sync, and many more features. It is available to purchase from our store for 2499$.

Yulong DA1 features four different operating modes that users can easily choose between based on the role of DA1 in their audio chain. It can be chosen to work in a Pure DAC mode, Pure Headphone Amp mode, Pure Pre-amp mode, or All-In-One Mode. In Pure DAC mode, the power supply to the headphone and preamp circuit will switch into parallel mode automatically maintaining optimal temperature and audio performance. In Headphone Amp mode the pure DAC output will be switched off and users will get a noise-free hi-res signal for their headphone s. With Pre-Amp mode, the headphone output and DAC line-out circuit will be switched off. All-In-One mode offers the best overall performance where all signals are optimized for internal distribution, minimizing interconnects in your system chain.

Yulong DA1 adopts the 4th generation jitter and interface control system where an FPGA clock demodulates SPDIF and USB audio signals into a low-jitter I2S signal. DA1 uses a FIFO buffer, based on an internal ultra-low noise clock providing a high-quality jitter-free I2S signal to the DAC chip for decoding.

DA1 adopts the AK4499EQ flagship audio signal decoding chip from AKM Technologies. It is a 32-bit 4 channel DAC chip that achieves industry-leading audio signal decoding performance with ultra-low distortion and noise ratings. It helps the DA1 to decode the high-resolution audio signal with support for PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD512 natively.

DA1 features a high-power tube Class A amplification circuitry for the Headphone and Pre-AMP functions with an output power of up to 5W through the balanced connections. It uses a precise 99 level volume adjustment that allows for pairing sensitive headphones easily with the DA1.

Yulong has developed a fully discrete voltage regulator circuit that provides constant current power to reference regulators delivering outstanding transient current up to 15A. This provides lots of headroom for the DAC and analog audio circuit even at demanding conditions. Users can also upgrade to a 240W external power supply to further enhance the capabilities of the device.