TRI StarShine 5

TRI Starshine 2BA+2EST IEM

TRI Audio is a premium brand chain related to KBear that are mostly known for their budget offerings in the in-ear monitor department. TRI themselves have a wide range of exquisite IEMs such as TRI I3 planar, TRI Starlight flagship tribrid, and many more. Today, TRI has announced its latest pair of hybrid In-Ear Monitors, the TRI Starshine. Starshine is equipped with a hybrid quad-driver configuration featuring two Sonion EST drivers and two Knowles BA drivers for transparent and highly detailed sound output. TRI Starshine is currently available with us at its discounted pre-order price of 449$.

TRI StarShine 6


BA drivers are known for their natural tonality and timbre while Electrostatic tweeters are known for their outstanding high-frequency separation and detail retrieval. TRI Audio has equipped the Starshine with two premium EST tweeters from Denmark-based Sonion and two high-performance BA drivers from Knowles a well-reputed American audio driver brand. These four drivers on both sides present the users with a flagship-grade performance. TRI Starshine adopts a three-way electronic frequency division combined with a three acoustic tube physical frequency division.

TRI StarShine 7

Earpieces in TRI Starshine are made with ultimate craftsmanship presenting the user with a stunning pair with uniquely textured face panels, skin-friendly Resin inner cavities. The patterns on the face panels on each unit of Starshine are unique and beautiful.

TRI StarShine 8

TRI Starshine comes with a high-purity 8-core copper and silver-plated mixed hybrid cable with standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors.

TRI StarShine 4

The inner cavity of TRI Starshine earpieces is made with imported German skin-friendly resin material crafted in an ergonomic design ensuring a comfortable and firm fit for most users.

TRI StarShine 2


Impedance: 56 ohms.

Sensitivity: 98dB.

Connectors: Standard 2-pin 0.78mm.

Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.