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CCA’s latest flagship IEM CA24 features 24 units of balanced armature driver (12 on each side). The new Black Gold King Kong series of balanced armature drivers are specifically designed and developed for the CA24 with a frequency response of 10Hz-40kHz.

CCA CA24 12BA 4

Dual 22955 balanced armature drivers handle low frequency from 7Hz to 200Hz, giving superior bass response that does not overpower while dual 29689 balanced armature drivers deliver clean mid-range and effectively work from 150-600Hz. A pair of 30095 and 30019 drivers work in conjunction to tame high frequencies above 8kHz, and a combination of 30017 balanced armature drivers work in the 2kHz-5kHz range allowing vocals and instruments to shine. To add the final touches, dual 50024 balanced armature drivers cleanout masking in the 6kHz-8kHz range, allowing for clearer music that touches your heart. Despite the number of drivers, the CA24 is easy to drive with an impedance of 32 Ohms.

CCA CA24 12BA 1

CCA CA24 has been designed from the ground up, keeping in mind durability and comfort. The shells of the CA24 have been 3D printed and have a lightweight design to them. It is done so the wearing experience is not hindered and the IEM can be worn for a longer period. To further address the comfort aspect of the design, the cavity of the CA24 has been designed ergonomically in a manner that would fit most ears comfortably. All of this is fused in a slim body that is perfect to carry around. The exterior housing is crafted from Seiko casting zinc alloy material.

CCA CA24 12BA 3

The cable included with the CCA CA24 is made up of 200 cores and is silver plated with 3.5mm plug.

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CCA CA24 12BA 5

Price: 128$