Whizzer Kylin HE03AL Review

Whizzer Kylin HE03AL Review

Designed by J.IDEA+ Studio, Whizzer Kylin HE03AL has stunning looks with aviation-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy ear shells. HE03AL features a specially designed fifth-generation dynamic driver unit with a large 10.2mm diaphragm coil. It features a dual magnetic circuit with a strong magnetic flux of up to 1.2T. The diaphragm is made with a composite high-rigidity material. Having Knowles TWFK-30017-000 double-balanced armature driver unit alongside the dynamic driver makes HE03AL a hybrid IEM (1DD+2BA).

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Whizzer Kylin HE03AL shells are crafted in a single-piece mold using aviation-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy material using high-precision CNC machining processes. The company claims that they are made after studies on multiple ear samples to achieve a universally firm fit for its users. Ear nozzles are made from SU304 stainless steel material. I can simply say that HE03AL is the most comfortable IEM that I have tried, even better than Meze Rai Solo. Whizzer (J.IDEA+ Studio) has done a great job designing the Kylin HE03AL. And the feeling of the metal shells in the hand is also smooth, they are on the small side, once you put them in your ears, you forget them after a while. As for the looks, Kylin HE03AL definitely is number one in my book (I prefer metal shells more than resin shells).

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HE03AL comes with a nice dark blue vegan leather storage case with “Kylin” branding on it. Six pairs of ear tips and a 5N oxygen-free copper with silver plating cable with 3.5mm plug (wish we have the choice for balanced plugs too).

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Symbol Al and atomic number 13


Impedance: 30 ohms.

Frequency response range: 20Hz-40kHz.

Maximum SPL: 113dB/mW.

Sensitivity: 110dB/mW.

THD+N: 1%@101dB.


The first thing to be clear is that HE03AL is an earphone made in accordance with the sound style of the Whizzer Kylin HE01, so the basic tuning is very similar to it, but HE03AL obviously adds a significant optimization in the high and low frequencies. HE03AL is better when it comes to the energy and detail, clarity of different frequency bands. You can also feel the overall quality, especially the sound field, or the momentum when the full-frequency energy bursts. HE03Al has taken the sound style to a higher level.

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Gears used for testing: Khadas Tone2 Pro DAC, xDuoo MT-604 Balanced Tube AMP

One interesting fact about the HE03AL is, although it is a hybrid IEM, after listening to it for while you get the feeling like it’s a dynamic driver unit only. It seems that the engineers of Whizzer have tried their best to merge the two acoustic units into one. The overtones of the low-frequency part is well controlled. The level of detail of the mid-frequency and the extension of the high-frequency lines, and the overall sound is fresh and crystal clear. In addition to the fresh and delicate tuning style, HE03Al also balances the proportions of the sound field shape in the vertical and horizontal dimensions to further strengthen the layering of its detailed performance. The response between vocals and instrumental music is handled very well. The sense of presence is among the best in the same class I think. For the mid-range and vocals lovers, HE03Al does not lack vitality because of the freshness of the overall sound. In fact, the mid-frequency of this earphone is quite brilliant. They are not recessed like many V-shaped IEMs out there. Acoustik and instrumental tracks will benefit from this. Rock & Blues too.

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So mids are the star of the show. But what about the lows and highs? Short answer, if you are a casual listener, by that I mean if your goal is to listen to your favorite daily music, they are also perfect. The overall sound style of the HE03Al tends to be neutral, but every frequency is very well defined. Lows have a good kick and rumble, good textured. They are not elevated, giving you just the amount that the track demands which is perfect. Very well controlled, fast enough never letting you down on any track.

When I reviewed the Whizzer Kylin HE01 I stated that it was lacking the detail and clarity level that I normally desire. Thanks to Knowles balanced armature drivers and the tuning this issue is very well solved on the HE03Al. Highs are right on the perfect level for my taste. No harshness, no sibilance, but bright enough to give you the perfect details on your tracks. No matter what your desired genre is, HE03AL can handle every one of them with ease.

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In addition, with the launch of HE03Al, Whizzer also introduced a custom cable, GSC5N, which has been upgraded from the original 5N oxygen-free copper with silver plating to 5N oxygen-free copper with gold-silver mixed braiding. The GSC5N improves the density of the low-frequency part in sound compared to the original cable. The mid-frequency is slightly fuller, and the high-frequency is also warmer. I just wished the 2-pin connector-end was also made from metal but not plastic and being more softer like the stock cable which handles more easily.

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Overall I liked the tuning and the design of the Whizzer Kylin HE03AL very much. Some earphones will only be used briefly before and after the review is written, and then shelved, while some are integrated into daily life. I am using it almost every day since I got it and loving it more and more every day. This wasn’t the case with the HE01. So the price of HE03AL is worth the 3x price of the HE01? Some say no, I say definitely yes!

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