Meet the DTC 500, DUNU’s contribution to the portable USB DAC-AMP world. DTC 500 comes with the classic to call single ES9038Q2M DAC chip from ESS that we used to see on many USB DACs in the past year like Shanling UA2, Hidizs S9 Pro, Fiio KA3 etc. Better late than never.

DUNU DTC 500 also has two separate RT6863 amplifier chips onboard and supports 200mW of power for both 3.5mm unbalanced and 4.4mm balanced ports.

DUNU’s design team wanted the DTC-500 to stand out from the crowd with its different design, complete with a semi-transparent glass with an RGB light that allows users to understand what form of playback they are receiving with their file sample rate. The DTC-500 comes with a shielded C-C cable, and a USBA adapter, which is fully compatible with PC and Android and can also be compatible with Apple devices by replacing the C-L cable.

Dunu starts selling the DTC 500 for 89.99$.

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