FiiO FD11 Review

FiiO FD11 Review

FiiO FD11 Review – New King of the Budget IEMs

FiiO FD11 is a brand new single dynamic driver IEM that promises outstanding sound clarity to its listeners. The pair houses a 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver which adopts a high-quality Carbon-based diaphragm to produce impactful sound with a balanced three-frequency response. FiiO FD11 has got the brand’s innovative C-shaped acoustic flute that elevates the sound quality performance of the pair.

FiiO has crafted the 10mm dynamic driver of the FD11 with the same materials as they have designed for the FH15 and FF5 IEMs. FD11 gets a serious boost in its sound capabilities with this premium dynamic driver unit. It features a dual-cavity design and a carbon-based diaphragm material.

FiiO FD11 Review

FiiO has featured second-generation asymmetric internal and external magnetic circuit systems on the FD11. The pair has been designed using finite element simulation optimizing the magnetic circuit design to generate a strong magnetic field. This results in a higher magnetic field density enabling switch movement of the diaphragm promising quality sound output.

FiiO FD11 features high-quality zinc alloy shells decanted into the shape and then polished and electroplated to treat the users with an exquisitely finished product. It has a Conch-like shape. The pair has an ergonomic shape that promises a comfortable wearing experience for the users.

FiiO FD11 Review

FiiO has implemented its C-Shaped acoustic Flute within the ear shell of the FD11. It notably improves sound performance, especially improving the lower-end response. When air moves through the FD11 shells, the C-Shaped acoustic flute helps to increase the viscosity of the air and reduces the resonance in the output signal.

FiiO FD11 comes with a high-quality stock cable. It’s a high-purity 4-strand oxygen-free copper wire with 120 wire cores on each strand.


  • Dual-Cavity 10mm Dynamic Driver Unit.
  • Carbon-Based Diaphragm.
  • Liquid Die-Cast Zinc Alloy Construction.
  • Asymmetrical Internal and External Magnetic Circuits.
  • C-Shaped Acoustic Flute Design.
  • Triangular Ergonomic Design.
  • Easy Drivability.
  • High-Quality OFC Cable.
  • Includes Premium HS18 Silicone Ear Tips.

What’s in the box

Technical Specs

  • Impedance: 24Ω@1kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 111dB/mW.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Connector Type: 0.78mm 2-pin.
  • Termination Plug: 3.5mm Gold-Plated Copper Plug.
  • Price: $39.99

 I would like to thank FiiO for providing me with the review sample of the FiiO FD11.


FiiO FD11 FR Graph

Out of the box, the FiiO FD11 has a warm and smooth sound signature emphasized by an excellent bass extension and a full-bodied overall presentation.

FiiO FD11 vs JD7
FiiO FD11 vs FiiO JD7


The low-end maintains a fairly balanced presentation with an organic timbre. Decay, meanwhile, is relatively pacey allowing uptempo music to shine without losing any detail. One thing I find noteworthy is how good the bass texture is on the FiiO FD11. You could definitely hear the separation of the bass guitar and the kick drums even on intricate tracks.

There’s a satisfying rumble in the low end. Rumble comes through well-articulated while percussive beats are clean and well-defined with almost zero smearing despite its emphasis. While there is an obvious boost in the low end, its rumble and punch are well-controlled without sounding boomy.


There is a smooth transition in the mids thus avoiding any odd and unnatural harmonics. With the upper midrange bias, stringed instruments, as well as vocals on higher octaves, get more emphasis. The lower midrange, however, is neither overly recessed nor thin-sounding due to the power from the boosted sub-bass region. While there is top-notch clarity and a fairly transparent midrange, its lower registers lack the presence which in turn takes away just a little of body and weight on snares and other percussions.

FiiO FD11 Review

Nonetheless, the midrange of FiiO FD11 remains transparent and open-sounding while providing a good level of attack. The lower midrange is tuned with a recession, increasing clarity and definition though not as strong with male vocals as it is with female vocals. Strengths include percussion, woodwinds, and plucked strings, not as strong with male vocals, bowed strings, and brass but still enough to at least be considered a general all-rounder. The FiiO FD11 is able to achieve superb separation on the vocals, the upper midrange spike provides more clarity and presence on high-pitched vocals compared to the low-pitched ones which are pushed back just a little bit. Listening to the acoustic guitars, high notes on the chords are more highlighted but the low-pitched strings still manage to maintain satisfactory weight and body.

FiiO FD11 Review


FiiO FD11 has a pleasing sparkle that manages to keep harshness at bay while there’s also some ample air which contributes to an open sound as well as a huge headroom. The mild boost in the brilliance region provides an added resolution and clarity to the overall presentation and despite the slight lift, there is no tinge of metallic timbre to the sound. Treble is one of the best that I’ve heard in this price range. Well-extended and smooth, whilst conveying enough energy for sparkle. Transients are extremely snappy, resulting in zero splashiness or overlap. The treble boasts excellent extension adding clarity and air to the overall presentation. The overall timbre of FiiO FD11 keeps everything fairly natural even with the boost in its bass and treble.

Detail retrieval, meanwhile, is excellent as it is able to produce even the tiniest detail with no effort. Decay is relatively fast which contributes to an organic timbre even with the minor dips and spikes across the treble region. Guitar effects and synths were performed with excellent detail and attack. Guitar solos where you’d get an energetic and lively treble presentation, also a satiating treble bite with no hint of harshness in its cymbals and high-pitched guitar riffs.

FiiO FD11 Review
Tested with FiiO Q11


The FiiO FD11 boasts a very expansive soundstage even out of the box. The extended treble improves instrument separation. The staging provides a fairly out-of-your-head experience with an enjoyable 3D feel to it. Overall, I’d say this is one of the best instrument separation and layering that I’ve heard in this price range.


The FiiO FD11 sounds gorgeous. I am very impressed with it and for the price, it really puts many IEMs in their places by a few steps. It is refined, smooth, easy to power, and very clean in tone and texture. Budget IEMs are getting better and better every day and the FD11 is one good example of that. You can buy this beauty for just above $30 these days and it’s a no-brainer for me to recommend it easily.