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Whizzer BS1 Review

Open-back design, 13.6mm dynamic driver, very good technical and tonal performance for 26$. How does it sound? Keep reading if you are interested.

Whizzer BS1 Review


Despite housing a large 13.6mm dynamic driver, the Whizzer BS1 is surprisingly ergonomic in both design and fit. It is compact with great structural solidity and has a traditional design and fit that will be familiar to any earphone user.

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The BS1 has sandblasted aluminium finish on the back part of the shells. The front part is made of plastic and also has an air pressure opening that has filters undersides. The nozzles are of average length and bore size, fitting the vast majority of tips such as Sony Hybrids and Spinfits. The BS1 actually isolate quite well. It is also very comfortable.

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As you can see BS1 has a non-detachable cable. This will be the only negative description in this review and it is about the textile braided cable. It is stiff and there is a lot of microphonics when it touches anywhere. You definitely have to use a clip (which comes in the box) when you are on the move.

Whizzer BS1 Review
Whizzer BS1 comes with 4 pairs of wide bore and 3 pairs of narrow bore high-quality silicone ear tips and a pouch


  • Model: Whizzer BS1
  • Driver: Whizzer 5th. Gen 13.6mm Composite diaphragm driver
  • Cable: OFC
  • Impedance: 18 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 109dB/mW
  • Maximum rated power: 10mW
  • Price: 24.50$ (26.50$ with mic)


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The lows on Whizzer BS1 are perfect judging its price. Such a clean bass, with the right amount of rumble and kick, never tries to overpower the higher frequencies, knows its own territory, but performs amazingly there. You can hear every tone from the sub-bass and mid-bass areas with great tonality and texture. The soundstage performance of Whizzer BS1 is also very good, I feel like listening to over-ear headphones. The open-back design shows its strength here. I know this big soundstage helps the overall sound performance of the IEM as it gives you the feeling of hearing every note in the music that you are listening to. This is an experience that you won’t have normally with every IEM. This bass performance gives you a very accurate tonality and timbre of the instruments in this region. 

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Open-back design

Next, I want to talk about the highs this time, the treble performance of the Whizzer BS1. It’s a bright sounding IEM, meaning you get the detail retrieval and clarity that you desire. If you are listening to Blues and Rock tunes like me, acoustic tracks which include many instruments, Jazz and Classic music, BS1 covers all these genres very well. Imagine the chello is playing in the background, the piano in front of you, the drums, high hats and the brass instruments accompanying them on a big stage. All these instruments sound amazing, with again, great tonality. Bright but without any harshness or sibilance, just the amount of air that you need for full enjoyment. 

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Low-mids and upper-mids do benefit from the great bass and treble performance of the Whizzer BS1. Both male and female vocals continue to have a great, bodied tonality, slightly recessed but do not limit the life-like performances of human voices and instruments in this range. String instruments, my beloved acoustic and electro guitar solos sound without any weakness, they have great timbre and natural sound. Whizzer BS1 really makes good recorded tracks sound amazing and also shines with good source and power.

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Whizzer BS1 is a bright-sounding IEM like its big brother HE03D and shares the same sound character too. Adding that I must say that I wasn’t expecting this class-leading (in this price range) clarity, separation, and even soundstage. Clear bass, mids, and highs. Superb vocals, delicious lows. I liked the BS1 so much that I will mod it with an mmcx connector soon so it can take place in my collection.


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