Moondrop Click USB DAC AMP 4

Moondrop Click USB DAC-AMP

Earlier this year, Moondrop entered the world of Portable USB DAC-AMPs with the Moonriver 2. Moondrop followed the success in the Portable USB DAC-AMP market after Moonriver 2 with the release of Dawn got two different variants, one 4.4mm balanced and another 3.5mm single-ended. Last week Moondrop released its third USB DAC-AMP, this time pricing it attractively for the ultra-budget segment with the new Moondrop Click.

Moondrop Click USB DAC AMP 3

Moondrop Click is a brand new entry-level mini USB DAC-AMP designed for your day-to-day usage. It’s ultra-compact just like a simple connector cable. Click fully supports in-line media control and mic from your IEMs. Moondrop has featured a high-quality coaxial custom-shielded cable. Click is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android devices.

Moondrop Click USB DAC AMP 5

Moondrop treats the Click with a high-quality 6N Litz single crystal copper cable with a coaxial 4N Litz OFC silver-plated shielding. The coaxial structure effectively suppresses the electromagnetic inferences and presents the users with a clean sound.

Moondrop Click has got CNC machined aluminum alloy shells around its connectors. It not only protects and shields the internal decoding and amplifying circuit but also provides a robust and solid build structure.

Moondrop Click USB DAC AMP 2

The background noise with the Moondrop Click is as low as 2.5uVrms. The SNR is as high as 120dB, these numbers promise super clean output with an ultra-clean noise-free background.

Sadly there is no word about the power output and of the DAC chip inside the Click.

Moondrop Click USB DAC AMP


  • Lightweight & Handy.
  • Supports in-line mic and media control.
  • Custom shielded cable.
  • CNC carved shells.
  • Ultra-low background noise.


  • Headphone socket: 3.5mm.
  • THD+N: 0.001%.
  • SNR: 120dB.
  • SINAD: 113dB.
  • Background Noise: 2.5uV.

Price: 19.99$