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Whizzer Kylin HE01 Review

Whizzer Kylin HE01 comes with a rather big matt black box. Even the writings on the box are black (with shiny fonts). When you open the inner magnetic box, HE01 salutes you like a piece of jewelry, like earrings rather than earphones. They are tiny comparing t... Read More

FX Audio D01 ES9038Q2M DAC/AMP

FX Audio has released their latest Desktop DAC/AMP system called D01. It features the advanced ES9038Q2M DAC chip that pairs with a high-performance XU208 USB signal receiver chip for high-resolution audio signal decoding. It supports multiple input methods in... Read More

Meze Audio 12 Classics V2

https://www.androidbrick.com/meze-12-classics-v2-review-devil-inside/ "The Meze 12 Classics V2 successfully combines audio technology and build quality with modern craftsmanship. Its soft curves and dark, myst... Read More

Kinera Norn 1DD+4BA IEM

Kinera is a well-established brand for high-quality audio in-ear monitors across different price ranges. Their products not only excel in high-resolution sound output but are always praised for their exquisite ... Read More

TRN TA1 – 1DD+1BA IEM for 40$

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbueyyNWUfU TRN has released its all-new dual-driver hybrid pair of in-ear monitors, the TRN TA1. The pair features magnesium alloy ear shells housing and dual driver setup consisting of an 8mm dual-core dynamic driver unit a... Read More

TRN T300 Bluetooth V5.2 TWS 1DD+2BA

Review TRN is a very well-known brand in the audio community, especially for their high-performance pair of in-ear monitors like the V80, V90, and more. Quite recently the brand has released their latest pair of a high-fidelity truly wireless set of earphones... Read More

FiiO K9 Pro High-End Desktop DAC/AMP MQA

Entering into the big game of high-end desktop DAC/AMP’s FiiO has released the latest K9 Pro flagship DAC/AMP. FiiO’s “K” series has a superb range of desktop DAC/AMP’s and the K9 Pro is the new leader of the chain now. FiiO initially imagined the K9 Pro to fe... Read More