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TANCHJIM Space Lite Dongle DAC Review

TANCHJIM Space Lite Dongle DAC Review

Following the success of the “Space” USB DAC-AMP, Tanchjim has now released a brand new portable USB DAC-AMP, the Tanchjim Space Lite. As you might have guessed from its name, Tanchjim Space Lite is a trimmed-down version of the Space designed with a CS43131 high-performance DAC chipset and a 3.5mm single-ended output port. It’s a simple and compact device that supports crisp high-resolution audio signal decoding supporting high-res audio signals up to 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD256. The Space Lite provides an excellent sound listening experience with a powerful output ( 98mW@32Ω) through its 3.5mm single-ended output port. The single-ended output also allows for pairing with most IEMs straight out of the box.

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Tanchjim Space Lite comes equipped with a CS43131 high-performance 32-Bit DAC chip from Cirrus Logics. It provides excellent decoding characteristics including high SNR, DNR performance, and ultra-low distortion. The Space Lite has a super compact form factor.

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The new Tanchjim Space Lite features a 3.5mm single-ended headphone output port. It provides a powerful output of up to 2VRMS and up to 198mW@32Ω of impedance load. It drives most IEMs with ease and the single-ended 3.5mm output pairs well with most IEMs in the market. Space Lite features a solid build with a clean unibody design made using high-quality aluminum alloy material.

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Tanchjim has got years of expertise in designing HiFi audio equipment. The latest Space Lite is designed with a high-efficiency audio circuit that provides high-resolution audio signal decoding and at the same time works efficiently with low-power design. It doesn’t heat up even after continuous usage and runs cool. It produces clean output with high dynamic range, high SNR performance, and low distortion, and works efficiently with low heat generation. The Space Lite is a fantastic little device with a low footprint and high performance. It enables crisp high-resolution audio signal enjoyment straight out of your smartphone or your PC and tablet.

Features & Specs

  • High-Performance CS43131 DAC Chipset.
  • Single-Ended 3.5mm Headphone Output.
  • One-Piece Aluminum Alloy Unibody Design.
  • Clean Sound with Zero Noise.
  • High-Output Level (Up to 2Vrms).
  • Wide Frequency Response Range: 6Hz-85kHz.
  • High-Efficiency Circuit Design.
  • Supports high-resolution PCM (32 Bit/768kHz) and Native DSD256 signals.
  • Large Dynamic Range (126dB).
  • Clear Background With High SNR Performance.
  • Low Harmonic Distortion (0.003%).
  • High Output Power (105mW@16Ω, 98mW@32Ω).
  • Price: $49

I want to thank TANCHJIM for providing me with the review sample of the Space Lite dongle DAC.

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The Space Lite sounds very neutral, with a wide sound stage and very good layering. With the right headphones/earphone, you can spot each instrument and each singer with ease and there is no channel imbalance to ruin the experience. It has a good level of dynamic range, and dead silent background, with a good level of clarity and accuracy.

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The Space Lite offers a high level of resolution and scales up easily. The mids are clean, sharp, and detailed, with a good level of air outlined by low distortion and a linear signature – even if highs tend can appear slightly more present than usual.

Despite being sharp and clinical, the trebles are not hissy and still sound softer compared to the ESS Sabre found in other devices. The lows are deep and fast, attaining the lowest notes and sub-rumble fitted so you can reach that good old toe-tapping Oomph.

On top of that, and as promised in the product sheet, the Space Lite is absolutely dead silent, even with sensitive IEMs.

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The Space Lite offers a tight and fast bass. There is no shallow echo or dragging sensation.

The Space Lite shows an ever so slight upper-mid boost, as all Cirrus-Logic DAC usually display. If that gives a sensation of precision, it can also lead to some sibilant on sensible headphones, but fortunately, none of that was found on this DAC, and even when I pushed the volume up to unsafe levels, I never encountered any issue.

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Vocals and acoustic tracks were an easy job for the Space Lite, even more once paired with a good IEM. The sound stage is wide and vocals glided easily into my ears, especially paired with the Hidizs MS5, as the two devices seemed to pair really well.


Tanchjim Space Lite is only lite in price. On pure sound performance and quality the little brother definitely not falls behind compared to the bigger brother the original Space (non-Lite).  If you don’t need output power of more than 98mW@32Ω, which covers a vast variety of headphones and IEMs, and you want one of the best sound quality from a USB DAC under $50, you can’t go wrong with the Space Lite. Highly recommended.