Whizzer Kylin HE03AL

Whizzer Kylin HE03AL Review

Whizzer’s latest flagship model Kylin HE03AL (1DD+2BA) hybrid 3-way IEM is on sale.

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Whizzer Kylin HE03AL is made of aviation-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy, both light and hard, with excellent acoustic performance, more than 100 hours of multi-layer surface treatment, creating a flowing light and color than the original magnesium-aluminum alloy. Kylin HE03AL cavity adopts industrial gray as the main color.

Multiple sampling according to the structure of the human ear, fine polishing ergonomic front cavity, a molting more comfortable to wear, one-piece unit bracket, fully suppress cavity resonance releases the full potential of the driver.

Kylin HE03AL is equipped with a special custom fifth-generation 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver, classic dual magnet circuit, magnetic flux up to 1.2 Tesla. And Knowles TWFK-30017-000 composite double-balanced armature driver, precision electronic crossover by dozens of tuning promises more accurate sound phase.

M.D.B.S (Multiple-Damping-Balanced-System), double pressure relief holes in front and back + multi-layer damping structure, balancing the cavity air pressure and the pressure in the air canal.

5N SPOFC cable with full set of custom metal connectors. The wire adopts the same color and process as the unit metal parts, with a transparent wire base braiding process. Kylin HE03AL comes standard with 112 cores of silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire and a 0.78/2 Pin gold-plated interface.

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