Stuck at boot logo? Or done anything wrong and your Axon 7 is hard bricked ( Qualcomm QD-Loader 9008 mode )? No sign of life? Or you just want to go back to stock ROM? Here is your guide..

Actually, I had written the guide before, many times indeed, here the latest that you can read and apply to your ZTE Axon 7 ( A2017 and A2017U ) , :

Here is the latest 32 & 64bit MiFlash that you can use in any Windows operating system higher than Windows 7,

Download MiFlash 32 & 64bit New Version

Here is your service ROM :

Unbrick ZTE Axon 7 A2017U A2017 QD-Loader 9008 EDL


If your phone is booting, use  “adb reboot edl” command to boot into EDL/9008 mode. If not, use key combination, while pressing both Volume + and Volume – keys plug the USB cable in. Or try pressing both Volume keys and Power key while USB cable is plugged in, you will get the port eventually.

Good luck ..



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En Yeniler Eskiler Beğenilenler

Its Work’s for me

But now I do not have cell phone signal in either of the two slots.

My model is the A2017G.

Any idea?




Slm Osman abi zte axon 7 a2017g cihazım güncelleme yaparken brick oldu reovery vs hiçbirine girmiyor zte yazısı çıkıp kayboluyor.Ne yapmam gerekiyor miflash ile kurtarabilimiyim lütfen yardım edermisin


Hi, using your guide and trying to flash with MiFlash the AndroidBrick_ZTE_A2017V1.0.0B07 it stops in this part (of log): [02:20:40 COM4]:Set Boot Partition [02:20:40 COM4]:open program file C:UsersFernandoRodrigoDownloadsAXONromsunbrick_ZTE_Axon_7_androidbrickAndroidBrick_ZTE_A2017V1.0.0B07rawprogram0.xml [02:20:40 COM4]:Write file C:UsersFernandoRodrigoDownloadsAXONromsunbrick_ZTE_Axon_7_androidbrickAndroidBrick_ZTE_A2017V1.0.0B07devcfg.mbn to partition[devcfg] sector 205192 [02:20:40 COM4]:write file legnth 40008 to partition 205192 [02:20:40 COM4]:WriteFile position 0, size 40960 [02:20:40 COM4]:Image C:UsersFernandoRodrigoDownloadsAXONromsunbrick_ZTE_Axon_7_androidbrickAndroidBrick_ZTE_A2017V1.0.0B07devcfg.mbn transferred successfully [02:20:40 COM4]:Write sparse file C:UsersFernandoRodrigoDownloadsAXONromsunbrick_ZTE_Axon_7_androidbrickAndroidBrick_ZTE_A2017V1.0.0B07userdata.img to partition[userdata] sector 205512 [02:20:40 COM4]:ERROR_BAD_FORMAT 0 [02:20:40 COM4]:[02:20:40 COM4]:ERROR_BAD_FORMAT 0 [02:20:40 COM4]:flashSuccess False [02:20:40 COM4]:isFactory False CheckCPUID False [02:20:40 COM4]:before:flashSuccess is False set IsUpdate:True set IsDone True [02:20:40 COM4]:after:flashSuccess is False set IsUpdate:false set IsDone true I’ve no idea… Read more »

Victor G. Kan
Victor G. Kan

Hi! I’ve tried all of the methods. It seems that the brick is the hardest. Can you advice?

Victor G. Kan
Victor G. Kan

Hi, I got bricked my axon 7 after i tried to root it with locked bootloader. So now when i try to turn it on, it shows a logo for 2 seconds (blinks with the red diod) and then dies.
It detects by PC only in DFU mode and can’t be seen in ADB devices command window.
I’m able to force Qualcomm drivers installation. In this case Qfil can see the device, but can’t flash it anyway (Download Fail:Sahara FailSahara Fail).
Miflash can’t see the device at all.
Please advise how to unbrick it.

thanh trị lê

Getting ERROR_BAD_FORMAT error, Chinese ZTE A2017, what to do?