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Unbrick All Qualcomm Snapdragon’s from Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (if you have the right kind of rom)


For Xiaomi’s please read :

Update : Xiaomi Mi5, How To Flash Global Multilanguage Rom + Unbrick Guide

For OnePlus series please read :

OnePlus One / Two / 3 / 3T / 5 Mega UNBRICK Guide + TWRP Flashing

For ZUK Z2 series please read :

ZUK Z2 / Z2 PRO QPST / Qfil Rom Flashing Guide

For Lenovo’s please read :

Lenovo / ZUK Phones ; Qfil Roms + UNBRICK Guide

For LeEco/LeTV x820 Max 2 please read :

LeEco X820 Max 2 Unbrick Guide

For ZTE Axon 7 please read :

ZTE Axon 7 Unbrick Guide ( QD-Loader 9008 EDL )

UPDATE : Latest versions of Xiaomi’s flasher Miflash can handle all Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008 and 9006 problems. Here is the guide:

Here is the Miflash working version for 9008’s.

Qualcomm Flasher Miflash 140509 Latest

Update : Latest 32 & 64bit MiFlash :

Qualcomm Flasher Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Version 6.8.30 Latest


You are wellcome !



Password for the tool : android1ick23*.TR


Owners of Qualcomm based LG’s, HTC’s, Samsung’s, Sony’s and Motorola’s, I’m afraid this tool is not suitable for you !

Owners of Qualcomm based LG’s, HTC’s, Samsung’s, Sony’s and Motorola’s, I’m afraid this tool is not suitable for you !

Owners of Qualcomm based LG’s, HTC’s, Samsung’s, Sony’s and Motorola’s, I’m afraid this tool is not suitable for you !


Snapdragon’s are UNBRICKABLE Part 2 !

Today we are going to rescue our beloved Snapdragon’s from their worse nightmare of all, Qualcomm HS-USB  QDLoader 9008 bricks, qhsusb_dload. But as i told before, these are not bricks at all, if there is no hardware related problems like corrupt Emmc or again Emmc secure boot errors then dont fear the Reaper, Wellcome to the Magic 🙂

For those who are not familiar with these terms please read part 1 first, : .

The tool that we are going to use is coming from ZTE this time, an amazing tool with many rescue or repair options including also Mediatek platform, so many options that i dont know what all those are, you know right now im interested in Qualcomm platform only (We already know Mediatek MTK platform are unbrickable too, with the right rom and flash tool of course).

Owners of Qualcomm based LG’s, HTC’s, Samsung’s, Sony’s and Motorola’s, im afraid this tool is not suitable for you, becouse those liers mostly has chosen not to use default options of this platform, they dont (cant) want us to rescue our phones so easly, what would have happened to their service centers all around the world then ? They need to change “The Motherboard” in spite of fixing this problem so easly to earn more and more and more money.

For LG G3 owners  though i have an article and tool (from LG himself) for Qualcomm HS-USB  QDLoader 9008 bricks, check it out :

Back to our main topic, this tool can detect almost all Qualcomm service ports including 9006 and 9008, its own (ZTE’s own) ports, im summing up, all ports that are using Qualcomm’s commication protocol. So you can use it in spite of Miflash that i told in my first article, or MSM8974 Download Tool for Oneplus One’s and Oppo 7’s, no more dealing with that old QPST’s emmcswdownload.exe , you can forget all about them and use this magic only 🙂

You will see with your own eyes why i keep calling it magic, its not only for unbricking those phones, you can use it for modifying cross roms. For example you have a Lenovo K920 for Chineese market and you want to flash a ROW rom (Rest of the World, including Google Gapps and Multilanguage) on it. Lenovo is one of them who publishes his QPST roms (so i call them), you just copy the modem.img from Chineese rom to ROW rom folder and flash it with this tool, no more modem related problems, no more red crosses (Lenovo owners know very well what im talking about).

Or, your phone, mostly Oneplus (or Oppo 7) here, should not be bricked, may have, again, modem related problems, again becouse of chineese modems are different from rest of the world modems, you can use this tool to repair them. Shut down your Opo, just press volume up button and plug the usb cable and check your device manager, you have your Qualcomm HS-USB  QDLoader 9008  port there (this trick is usefull for any Qualcomm Snapdragon 800’s and up if its not taken out from the manufacturer, you know who am i talking about, the liers). So what do we know now ? Dont fear those QDloader Ports, they are just Service Ports for Service (stock) roms.

PS : If you have a locked bootloader, on some 9006’s this or any other tool won’t work, but if you are on 9008 with a corrupt bootloader, guess what happens, no bootloader no locked anything. Xiaomi owners you can use your “Fastboot” roms for this. Nubia owners most of your rescue roms are online, let me know if you can’t find them please, i’ll add links later. Opo users already know everything.

Enough talking, lets do some demo, let pictures show us everything 🙂

Qualcomm_HS-USB _QDLoader_9008

Don’t Fear the Reaper 😉

Qualcomm_HS-USB _QDLoader_9008_2

Right click androidbrick.exe and run as administrator, put the password in (in the folder). Click the green refresh icon and Tool Studio will see the Qualcomm 9008 port, if not unplug the usb cable and plug in again, click refresh.

Qualcomm_HS-USB _QDLoader_9008_3

Click “Browse” and select your rom’s folder. In my example its “D:\imei\opo\opo\Color\”. Now i want you to click “Advanced” and see it all with your own eyes. Every partition of our rom is there. First two options are greyed out becouse they are “must”, remember them from my first article ? If not please read again 🙂 1. MPRG8974.mbn (or hex format in some examples), see the definition of it ? “Ram”, its to wake up our dead Snapdragon, 2. 8974_msimage.mbn “Boot image”, this our bootloader, fastboot image. You may guess just these two mbn’s are enough to rescue our phone if you are a fan of fastboot commands like me 🙂 But hey the fun just begins.

Qualcomm_HS-USB _QDLoader_9008_4

As you may see here i can select any partition i want to flash, this example is to show if you dont want flash all the rom (you will loose everything its a fresh install), if you just want to fix your boot partitions and leave your system and userdata (and our famous modemst1 and modemst2 which contains our imei) untouched. Or you can just flash NON-HLOS.bin (modem.img) to fix your signal etc (on non bricked Snapdragon’s), who needs fastboot anymore ? 😉

Qualcomm_HS-USB _QDLoader_9008_5

Back to unbrick from 9008, after clicking “Start” under “Operate” or “Start all” green arrow near “Refresh” the magic starts. First our Ram is beeing downloaded to the phone,

Qualcomm_HS-USB _QDLoader_9008_8

Second our bootloader, “Boot image”. The magic continues, you will notice that the tool will start to wait after this, wait for what ? Look to the next picture please.

Qualcomm_HS-USB _QDLoader_9008_6

Hey ! Where is our Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 port gone ? The Tool was waiting for this, our port goes to HS-USB Diagnostics 9006 mode. 9006 is “Emergency Download Mode” as Qualcomm says. Rest of the rom will be downloaded in this mode. Don’t mix this with 9006 QDloader Port please, its lost partition table or some lost partitions in our parititon table, and our Magic Tool will fix that issue too 😉 . Look at the time please, pretty fast right ?

Qualcomm_HS-USB _QDLoader_9008_9

Look again, its too fast 🙂 Under 2 minutes, depending to your PC’s speed or course, im using ssd’s, lots of ram and  an Intel 3570K, your “System Halted” Snapdragon is ready to power on again . . . Enjoy and you are wellcome 🙂


PS: Your antivirus sofware would detect the tool as a malware and delete it when try to run, just pause your antivirus, nothing bad will happen, like i said dont fear the reaper 😉

PS 2 : Dont give up easly if something goes wrong, check your drivers first, tool turns 9008 port to 9006, if you have missing drivers or windows problems it wont work, its not easy as it sounds, you should control every step ! (unless your phone dont have a bad or corrupted emmc).

Password for the tool : android1ick23*.TR


PS : Dear readers from around the world, im getting so many e-mails day to day and this thing is getting harder for me, taking too much time of me as i need to answer many question too. All the clues are already given in the article, please read more carefully and google more ! If you still want my help, please start thinking about donation for, thank you.




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Harsh Chauhan
5 years ago

getting Error While Installing Qualcomm Drivers So should i Download Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Driver to Solve The Eroor

Vaisak Mohan
5 years ago

hi, My nokia 6 phone is going to HS-USB Diagnostics 9008 mode instead of QDLoader 9008. Any idea why?
I’m doing the test point short method

Vaisak Mohan
Reply to  Vaisak Mohan
5 years ago

It worked once, but not after again

Vaisak Mohan
Reply to  Vaisak Mohan
4 years ago

It worked once I enabled test signing in windows 10. I have stick rom of my device extracted using infinity box. The contents include maingpt0.bin etc, but I need to generate rawprogram.xml and parch0.xml. I tried some manually generated xmls, but sahara uploads fail. I’m stuck now.

Kuba Iskra
5 years ago

Can u give me link to this tool studio?? pls

Ashish Patel
5 years ago

hey i am getting this error. please help. 16:22:00:628 [COM11] Open image[IMG_EMMCUP(*_msimage.mbn)] failed

Christy m thomas
5 years ago

hi im using asus zenfone max 2016(msm8939) i just wipe dalvik catch data ect from twrp and reboot the device it won,t turn on i need help if any one kow to unbrick my device please email me

Haluk Ozaytac
6 years ago

Merhabalar elimde LG G5 ls992 modelli telefon var versiyon düşürürken cihaz hard brick oldu malaesef bir daha açılmadı. 9008 olarak görüyor yapmadığım şey kalmadı emmc olmadığı için UFS olduğundan birşeyler yapamadım. Tot dosyasını döktüm dağıttım raw dosyası mbn dosyasını toplayamadım ölü bir şekilde telefon duruyor bu cihaza yapılabilecek bir işlem varmı acaba

Haluk Ozaytac
Reply to  Ustabas Osman
6 years ago

Baktım bir ara arkadaşlar uğraşmışlar ama çalışmayı yarım bıraktıkları için projleri yarım kalmış. Aslında msm8996 tam bir kara kutu bu sistemi bir V20 modeli kullanıyor geriye kalan Xiaomi mi5 ve geri kalan güncel cihazlar aslında raw dosyasını editlemek istedim fakat sanıldığı gibi kendimce basit değil partisyonları farklı çare olarak tecrübeden sizlere danışmak istedim.

Haluk Ozaytac
Reply to  Ustabas Osman
6 years ago

Baktım herhangi bir dosya erişimi sağlayamadım sadece V20 ve Xiaomi cihazlarda kullanıyor. Her hangi bir xml dosyasıda oluşturamadım Qfil için çinli bir forumda konu mevcut fakat dosya paylaşımı yapılmamış ve irtibaat sağlanamıyor.

Haluk Ozaytac
Reply to  Ustabas Osman
6 years ago

Beni Kırmayıp cevap verdiğiniz için teşekkür ederim. Jtag mevzusunu görüştüm UFS sisteme geçmesinden dolayı Lg ler şuanda Octopus dan tutun Riff ve Z3x olmak üzere hiç bir desteği yok. Açık kaynak kodları inceliyorum paylışıma açılmış her hangi birşey bulursam da sizlerle paylaşırım iyi çalışmalar tekrardan…

asafinalazari Mourad
6 years ago

Hi there friend
I got htc desier d 820 n this is a tablet
I was tryng to root and I guess the bootloader is damage because now the tablet stays on qualcomm hs-usb QDLoader 9008 my pc reconiz it
I have been looking for the rom 2 years and dint find if could help me with this please
sorry bad inglish

Marco Silva
6 years ago

Hi there friend
I got Alcatel pop s7 this is a tablet
I was tryng to root and I guess the bootloader is damage because now the tablet stays on qualcomm hs-usb QDLoader 9008 my pc reconiz it
I have been looking for the rom 2 years and dint find if could help me with this please
sorry bad inglish

Roshan Basnet
6 years ago

Sir, I have bricked my asus zc550kl z010d,Asus zenfone max:32gb, Now am stuck in a place where there isnt good servicing, I cannot figure out anything but google, I tried with qpst tools. Can i try your method? Please do send me the password if itll work. I bricked the device after I flashed it by applying the ROM from recovery mode.
Thank You,
Roshan Basnet

Min Naing
6 years ago

my mobile Le eco Max 900 was bricked and I can access to 9008 QPST.
I try to flash QFIL and switch to firehose fail(Can’t go to 9006 mode).
I have correct QFIL file and firehose 8994.mbm.
any solution to 9008 to 9006 mode?

6 years ago

Thanks very much

Diêgo Fernando
6 years ago

for moto maxx (xt1225) ?

Pedro Uno
6 years ago

hola te envie un email. puedes responder con el password?

Ahmed Salaam
6 years ago

hi iam need rom lg v10 h901 t-mobail 9008qualcam
The machine only works the processor and reads on the computer but can not be inserted into the bootloader function

Raja M Zahin Azim
6 years ago

Hi sir, I have one Huawei KIW-L21 and it is in state 9008. Tried every thing and do not goes out of this state. Please need raw file which can make this phone again alive.Please also need tool Pass also to try it still i get firmware.
Br, Raja (

Gustavo Sousa
6 years ago

Hi bro, fine?
Do you know if i can unbrick my Moto X Force (xt1580) with this method?
I have searched for some blankflashes at internet but no luck.
thank you.

Djalil Pio
6 years ago

Hello sir! i have bricked my LG verizon VS950 (msm8660) and it notified Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 in device manager. i’ve tried to use Qfil but can’t get programmer files and other files need. Same thing for Tool studio EMMC download for which i can’t get the *.mbn files from kdz or tot files. When i extract them, i obtain bin, prl, src, csv files. can you help me? i need a solution to unbrick this phone…
Thanks for the replies

Marco Fiorini
6 years ago

Hello Androidbrick, my name is Marco I have a Huawei Y560 L01 do you have an alternative to QFIL to flash the firmware? And if so, where do you find the firmware to flash with these programs?
Sorry Androiddbrick, another thing I wanted to ask you: If my phone does not turn on how can I unlock the bootloader? Do you have a guide to follow me? Thank you so much in advance. Hello Androidbrick from your friend Marco.

sohail azeem
6 years ago

…Oh and i think the prog_emmc_firehose.mbn, rawprogram0.xml & patch0.xml files I found online were from a 32GB carrier free version of the phone whereas mine is 64GB at&t version. I think.

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