Qualcomm Snapdragon’s are UNBRICKABLE part 1.5  🙂

Before i begin this fix is only for those, that has “Qualcomm QDLoader HS-USB port ( 9008 )” only. If your dead G3 has LG serial net port only, this fix wont work .

I bought my LG G3 white ( best color on G3 i think ) as bricked 3 months ago, ex-owner said that he had flashed wrong recovery and phone gone dead.  Those days, i wasnt experienced that much and i thought i could unbrick this G3 with help of Oneplus’s recover files ( Oppo too ) because they are sharing same platform, MSM8974. But then i realized it was a naive thought, i always forget that MONEY rules .. Firms like LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony dont share their service files with their customers, their services need money, lots of money. Only some Chineese firms do this, we all know them. Again, thanks for that Oppo ( OPO ), Xiaomi and Lenovo, they are unbrickable links,

1. http://www.androidbrick.com/ultimate-qualcomm-snapdragon-unbrick-guide-snapdragons-are-unbrickable/

2. http://www.androidbrick.com/unbrick-all-qualcomm-snapdragons-from-qualcomm-hs-usb-qdloader-9008-if-you-have-the-right-kind-of-rom/






QDLoader 9008, this is just a corrupt bootloader, like i said before, with right flasher and files its nothing to fear. If you are not familiar with this and your g3 is bricked, you will see a QHSUSB_BULK device in your device manager, after you install right drivers ( links are down, both 32 and 64 bit ), that device will be HS-USB  QDLoader 9008 and we are ready to begin.

Double click androidbrick_G3_fix.exe in the folder ( yes yes i know :)), if your driver is installed you will see your port, if not, youll see “Not ready” in little green window.







If you see your 9008 port just click “Model Info”, if you dont see your port just unplug usb cable, remove battery, back on both, your port will be seen. Mine is All EU Global class, if yours too, just click it again, if yours an other variant choose it from the drop down menu and Boot Diagnosis tool will ask if the info is correct, after you confirm it will examine your G3 and detect QFPROM Anti-rollback issues, this means corrupt bootloader in LG language 🙂








After you hit (Y)es it will ask you to select the Recovery folder, just choose your models name under androidbrick_G3_fix > AP_Chip > MSM8974_G3 > Recovery  Folder and flasher will begin to download necessary .bin and .mbn files to phone. It takes about 3-4 minutes to finish. Mine G3 was alive after maximum 5 minutes ( it was very excited to wait ). I was hoping to have the download mode at least but interestingly my phone just booted to OS like nothing bad has happened, i did not needed to install any rom. Yours maybe different, you may need to install kitkat or lolipop again, but hey we all know how to do that, right ? 🙂  Tot 😉






unbrick g3





http://www.androidbrick.com/download/androidbrick_g3_fix/    Pass : osmanusta123*


PS : The things is my folder does not help all 9008’s ! With every user im learning something new. For example there are software issues and give users 9008 ( corrupt bootloder like mine) and there are some 9008’s that become from power failures ! Unplugging usb cable while flashing a rom for example, or PC freeze’s, or electricity failures. Those can, may have “emmc” failures and can’t be restored easly or even not ! In these situations Smart Boot Diagnosis seems can’t reaching the emmc and 9008 port shuts itself down and comes back (you hear it, like usb unplugged and back in). Its a shame for a flagship version phone like G3, so now i know it does not use best quality emmc’s thats for sure (or other parts that cause that, im not sure witch part is responsible for a real hardware related brick like this), so be carefull with these examples yourself too please.

If this fix won’t work, here is the second step :


BoardDiag  v3.99c :

BoardDiag v3.99c



LG G4 imei repair, LG G4 imei repair.

Unbrick LG G2, Unbrick LG G Pro 2 mail to : [email protected] please.


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Not working for me even boardiag just conecting and then wait for hello response then countdown 1 to 9 and finished and in boardiag check ap error
Plz Tell me what i do now my model is D851 tmobile


Is this working for D855 version too? I try with Global EU but application logged “>> Loading 0 Kbytes to SYS_IMEM. ” and not resuming… Help?

why in allllllllll over internet blogs there is no one can unbrick lg g3 cat 6 which it runs snapdragon 805 processors .. please if there is anyone who can modify other edebricks methods for other phones with same chipset APQ8084 snapdragon 805 .. please comunicate with me i have this phone lg g3 f460s bricked on qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008 since 5 monthes every day i check for any files all are usles because this program and boarddiag only support snapdragon801 chipsets .. why no one who write codes cant create such debrick to these poor phones and lg… Read more »

After restore of efs my LG G3 D858HK hard bricked. No Recovery, No Bootloader, No Logo. Nothing Just Black screen now with pin short method on Qualcomm 9008 mode but no emmc detected. Please help me.


How about LG g3 F460L? Can you unbrick it?


Can please re upload the g3 fix because i have been trying to download it for 3 days and it doesn’t work.
Or make an external link for the download


ola saudaçoes do brasil vc poderia me passar a senha do arquivo ?


Allowing your message that you linked my website, allowing it that i guess you wanna help people like i do, supporting you..


Hello, I Sent you an email for the password or any other help you could give thank you and sorry for posting here just not sure if you got my email ^^


You’ve got the pass right ?


yeah got it, doesn’t seem to work for my problem though sad face



Try this, you can find boarddiag 3.99 working version in my downloads section.


Nevermind I Found the 3.99c version but it also still gives me the same message when I go to do the ap check.


Only version I could find was the 2.99a and when I get it going it gives me the “No response from the device. Check PMIC first and
if still boot problem, replace AP.” error and I cannot do the apcheck, with the program I get from here it appears to go correctly but never downloads the qfprom patches or show anything in the qfprom dump


Cant seem to find your download section or v3.99 of boarddiag in there anywhere maybe I’m just blind. xD


very grateful friend by password and files. and let me congratulate and thank them both for their contribution because if I fix the bug and already my cell live again this and that I had died with all applications.
thanks for your contribution and also helping others follow .. God bless companion