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BQEYZ Autumn Review

With the latest Autumn, BQEYZ has gone the single-dynamic driver way rather than the Tribrid’s that they featured in their previous Spring 1 and the Spring 2 earphones. Autumn is going to be the new flagship featuring a dual cavity dynamic driver configuration with swappable magnetic tuning vents tech.

BQEYZ has designed the latest Autumn with a single dynamic driver configuration. The pair features a large 13mm dynamic driver with a dual-cavity acoustic chamber.

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Usually, we get tuning nozzles or filters to swap on the ear nozzle that enables different tuning profiles on earphones. With the Autumn, BQEYZ has designed a revolutionary magnetic tuning vent that is placed near the ear nozzle. These swappable vents adjust the air pressure inside the cavity and ear canal providing different sounds for the users. The pair comes packed with three sets of swappable tuning nozzles, grey for bass preference, silver for treble enhancement, and gold for a balanced sound presentation.

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BQEYZ has shown its professional craftsmanship with the Spring series. The same can be said for the new BQEYZ Autumn with full metallic CNC machined earphones. The pair is available in two colour options, Ash Green and Benzo Blue.

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BQEYZ Autumn comes with a high-purity mixed hybrid cable featuring silver-plated copper and copper wires. This is one of the best cables that I have seen under the 200$ class. Both cosmetically and quality.

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One of the best stock cables on the market

What’s in the box


  • Large 13mm dynamic driver.
  • Dual-cavity acoustic structure.
  • Replaceable tuning vents with a magnetic structure.
  • 5-Axis CNC machined metallic ear cavities.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable.
  • High-quality silver-plated and copper hybrid cable.


  • Impedance: 46Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 110dB.
  • Frequency response range: 7Hz-40kHz.
  • Standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.
  • Available in three different plug options: 2.5mm/4.4mm/3.5mm.
  • Price: 179$

I would like to thank Elle Zhou from BQEYZ for providing me Autumn with a good discount (no affiliate link).


Testing is done with bass-magnet filters which suit my taste most. Keep in mind that the filters alter the low-frequency range which also slightly affects the rest of the spectrum.

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BQEYZ Autumn Review bass

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BQEYZ Autumn is an interesting IEM with a special dynamic driver inside. From the very first listen, you notice that it has a unique, slightly warm, and impressively airy presentation. It has a wide and deep soundstage and it offers a precise sense of instrument layout. Its technical capabilities are surprisingly good. It offers a slightly warm timbre with a good body.


BQEYZ Autumn has a dynamic low-end reproduction. The bass is punchy, rounded, and very controlled. I found the amount of bass quite balanced. It offers a bass that feels precise, accurate, and organic. On another note, to my ears, the sub-bass range feels slightly fuller than the mid-bass range. The sub-bass is perfectly present with good rumble whereas the mid-bass seldomly feels light. Apart from that, the Autumn has a clean, agile, and natural bass reproduction.

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Autumn’s midrange feels balanced, articulate, and clean. The vocals are crystal clear with good detail, mid-based instruments like the guitar or the violin feel organic and breathy. The mids show good body and the tonality feels right. Male vocals sound adequately bold and authoritative, female vocals sound transparent and open. The stereo imaging capability of this IEM is one of its best specs. The BQEYZ Autumn presents the midrange to you in perfect control.

The upper midrange is excellently controlled, but energetic at the same time. This is a rare feat and I don’t see this often in this price bracket. Upper mids have a great extension and they sound crystal clear just like the rest of the spectrum. Overall, the midrange is transparent, resolving, and smooth. BQEYZ did an excellent job here.

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As I mentioned before, tBQEYZ Autumn is an interesting IEM. It feels like you could listen to it for days without fatigue but concurrently it offers excellent energy and dynamism. The treble range is no different than the rest of the frequency range. It is gentle with a good presence and it is detailed. Highs also extend really well without hitting that harsh borders.

Furthermore, the treble carries good detail with great definition and this contributes to the perception of clarity. The effortlessness and smoothness of the signature come from the perfect coherency between the three regions. Combine this with a good technical foundation and you’ve got yourself a sub-200 gem of an earphone.

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The Autumn has a very spacious and breathy presentation with a slightly warm, balanced signature. It also has a solid technical foundation. It offers excellent stereo imaging, it has a wide and deep soundstage with precise instrument separation. There is plenty of air between the instruments and it is quite easy to follow individual instruments on stage. The layering and the positioning of the instruments are clear and distinct. Additionally, the Autumn handles congestion well, thanks to its breathy presentation and coherent signature. The transients, on the other hand, are fast and agile, unlike many IEMs with a single dynamic driver.

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BQEYZ Autumn is certainly a carefully researched and designed IEM. It is clear that BQEYZ took its time to develop this IEM. It boasts a robust build quality and a unique magnetic filter system which actually works. Apart from the excellent fit, build and design, I think Autumn’s strongest selling point is its uniquely good sound performance.