BQEYZ Spring 1 Color Mod

Reading and watching some good reviews about it, I decided to buy BQEYZ Spring 1. Most because of its Piezoelectric + DD +BA hybrid design and amazing matt black colour option. I just don’t like those fancy colours like blue and green on IEM. I am a motorbiker and like aluminium, mostly retro aluminium look, plus matt black of course and dark grey. Put some red in them and you get the dream colour combination ­čÖé

I was waiting for the 10th anniversary discount on Aliexpress to buy matt black one, than I found a guy who was selling them here in my country but in blue color. I decided to buy them instead of waiting for about 2 months of shipping time. Man, these are amazing sounding IEMs comparing to BLON 03 or others that I have. I liked them so much, they are a keeper for sure for this price (cost 110$, amazing value). But the color combination of blue + yellow + black cable was a nightmare for me ­čÖé I decided to buy matching color blue cable first, but then my “custom made lover” soul kicked in. With the help of my old Dremel, this is the outcome. I wanted them to look retro, like old aluminum parts of a motorcycle. I think I managed it, what do you think?

And after some more polishing, going back to the roots of aluminium look.

The next mod will be painting some parts to black. But I can not decide yet if I should paint the front, leaving the rest as it is, or painting just the border that was yellow in the original. I will update this article with the final look.

Some “red” on the “R”ight side ­čÖé


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