Sony MH1c Mod by ARN 39

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN

If I am not mistaken these came to market under the Sony Ericsson brand at the beginning of the 2010s with the model name MH1 and the famous green logo on them. After Sony and Ericsson separated the joint brand and stopped making mobile phones the model name became MH1c and sold without any logo, just written Sony on them. Their sound quality for around 20$ IEM was, still is, fantastic and became one of the most iconic budget IEMs in the last decade, modded by many as the only problem about the MH1 series was the awful flat cable. This is my guide on how I modded them to mmcx connectors. Sorry that I love mmcx more 🙂

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN scaled e1654776227923
Thinking to use Sony’s 3.5mm connector later on some matching cable

Opening the shell is not that hard but must be done carefully because the back part is made from plastic inside and rubber outside. After some heating of the metal part of the shell, you can use pliers or any other sharp tool that you can grab from the joint point and push gently in the other direction.

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN 3
The rubber part slightly lost its shape on the joint point

First I tried to place the mmcx connector on the rubber cable holder side to see how it will look as I don’t wanna lose the Sony logo and “L” and “R” side markings.

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN 5

But I did not like the look and the upper side of the rubber wasn’t strong enough as it easily bends and may break the mod later. So I decided to cut it to the length of the mmcx connector. My first try was a faulty shorter cut, I thought I can push the mmcx connector deeper but I couldn’t, so I had to glue back the shorter rubber part later.

Using lots of glue both on the connector side and also dripping more from the upper side cable hole downwards I also decided to use epoxy putty glue on the top. Tried to push the epoxy down as much as I can and tried to place the cables in the middle of it to make it the most solid structure I can.

Tested the cables for any connection lost, twice this time, and soldered them to the driver. I aligned the cables so I can close them without any problems later.

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN 12

After closing the shell and testing, I decided to cover my mess with some black heat shrinks both on the joint points and the shorter cut on the rubber side.

After 24 hours of waiting, I tested the strength of the connectors and it is rock solid. One last thing to do, to mark the “R” side.

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN 20

Hey, where is the Sony Ericcson logo?

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN 19

Oh, here it is 🙂 Btw the Moondrop Spring tips are a perfect match for the MH1c, perfect fit!

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN 37

Another perfect match is the cable of Final E4000 as it has the smallest and rubber mmcx connectors, looks like a stock cable for the modded MH1c right? 🙂

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN 30

Sony MH1c Mod by ARN 39


Thanks for reading.


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