Whizzer BS1 Mmcx Mod

Whizzer BS1 Mmcx Mod

“I liked the BS1 so much that I will mod it with an mmcx connector soon so it can take place in my collection,” I said in my BS1 review 3 weeks ago.

So let’s start.

First, this is not an easy mod, at least in my example, if you don’t have the proper tools. It took me one day to figure out how to mod the left IEM, took me around an hour to do the right one.

Opening the IEM is pretty easy. After heating the metal part for a couple of seconds it comes easily with a simple twist. But be careful If you are using a torch because the front part of the IEM is made from plastic.

I was thinking to use the original silicone cable holder’s upper part and make a ring with it around the mmcx connector so I can tighten the nut from inside. After soldering the cables to the connector of course.

But there were 2 problems. The first one is the place in the shell is too small to work and I couldn’t tighten the nut while cables were soldered. It took me hours to do it, I soldered the cables after the nut. And it was looking pretty good from the outside too.

The second problem was, that the silicone ring was not strong enough to hold the connector steady. I slipped through the hole with some force. The problem is that the hole in the shell of the cable is huge.

So I had to find something else for the modding. Something thinner and stronger. The red ring that you see is a tool for building computers. It looks like a paper but also is very strong, you can bend it like a metal. Some of you might know it. It’s for installing motherboards that you put under the motherboard to prevent any short-circuits with the metal case.

I used two of them, one inside and one outside and the result was rock solid for the mmcx connector. At first, I was thinking to let them with the original red colour (I’m a big fan of matt-black and red colour combo) but it was looking not premium for the mod enough.

Here is the end result after painting them to black with a marker pen.

Whizzer BS1 Mmcx Mod 2 1 Whizzer BS1 Mmcx Mod 3 Whizzer BS1 Mmcx Mod 4 1 Whizzer BS1 Mmcx Mod 6

Looking good right? 🙂

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