Whizzer DA1 USB DAC

The body of the DA1 is made from a single aluminium ingot, which has been machined nearly a hundred times on a five-axis precision machine. The combination of simple form and advanced craftsmanship.For DA1 Whizzer chose the ESS9270 DAC chip. The ESS9270 is a high-performance DAC, ADC module and SABRE integrated amplifier in a very small package, with a maximum theoretical signal-to-noise ratio of +116 dB. Whizzer has added a number of selected capacitor circuits around the chip to improve the sound problems caused by the direct outgoing signal from the chip amplifier module. A good peripheral circuit design further reduces the circuit noise.The DA1 can achieve good operating conditions under a wide range of driving conditions. The maximum drive level of 2Vrms is guaranteed while controlling the maximum output power of 70mW@32 0hm. The DA1 not only meets the driving needs of headphones but also provides better real-world driving performance under everyday acoustic pressure.The DA1 is equipped with an independent outpower system. The precise arrangement of the output power at 30 points allows for more precise matching of different impedances to the front-end. This reduces linear and non-linear distortion caused by overloads.

Whizzer DA1 has hardware volume keys which support 30 levels of power adjustments.


Model: Whizzer DA1
Size: 51*16.5*9.2mm
Output: 3.5mm
DAC Model: ESS9270
Output Level: 70mW@32 0hm
Sample: 32bit/384kHz, DSD128 (DoP)

Price: 45$

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