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Tipsy TTROMSO Review

The Tipsy brand was born in 2016 and was established under the guidance of the “China Music and Digital Association Music Industry Promotion Working Committee”. The members are composed of high-level musicians and artist teams, and the brand has many well-known musicians at home and abroad. The number of users of Weiji professional musicians has reached tens of thousands. The products are exported to the United States, Japan, Thailand, and other countries and have won many awards.

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“T”TROMSO is a small town located in Northern Europe that inspired the Tipsy design team. “Tromso Norway, the Arctic city that has positioned itself to be the preferred destination for the Northern Lights travellers”.

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Equipped with a 12mm large size LCP dynamic driver and Tesla custom magnet group, TTROMSO achieves as low as 0.3% distortion rate.

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The transparent shell shows us the 12mm DD

TTROMSO comes with a detachable dual-core OCC silver-plated cable. The colour of the cable matches the IEMs, it’s textile braided and feels really nice on the hand. And handles also very well as it is soft enough, tangles not, and has no microphonics.

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  • Driver: 12mm liquid crystal diaphragm dynamic driver unit
  • Cable: 1.2m two-strand 72-core single crystal copper silver-plated high-purity custom cable
  • Frequency Response : 20Hz – 20000Hz
  • Impedance:  109±3DB
  • Sensitivity: 24 ohm
  • Connector: 0.78 2-Pin
  • Plug:  3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

Price: 89$

I would like to thank Linsoul for providing me with the review sample of Tipsy TTROMSO.

Here are the links if you want to purchase the Tipsy. Linsoul, DD-Audio Store Amazon (no affiliate links).

What’s in the box



This 12mm single dynamic driver has a very enjoyable lower end. It is neither too heavy nor lean. It changes stance as per need but never gets boomy or muddy. The control shown by the TTROMSO is very good.

TTROMSO delivers deep and rumbly sub-bass. Has good controlled and well-timed mid-bass decay. Midbass provides Tipsy with the meatier and fuller notes without losing control. It delivers more satisfying and cushiony notes with excellent texture. It has the energy of a good dynamic driver. Makes the TTROMSO very enjoyable. What it does is move a good amount of air with a sizeable slam with a nice weight. The upper bass is well controlled and blends nicely into the lower mid-range. This leads to excellent precipitation and weight. It has a mix of fun, precision and accuracy.

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The TTROMSO is a fairly balanced sounding IEM and this balanced feel comes mainly from its well-balanced mid-range and slightly forward vocals. Since it uses a single driver it has no crossover and has no obvious drop in energy at the lower treble region.

TTROMSO has no problem with intricate details and separation, the whole mid-range enjoys very good clarity and transparency. It has weight and a layered texture. The biggest plus point here is its technicality, the way it manages to deliver micro details. No instrument sounds thin or devoid of life. The background foreground contrast is very good too. Drive it properly and it delivers crispy notes with excellent resolution. No need to worry about the upper mids either, they do not have uncomfortable notes to worry about.

Coming to the vocals, what sets TTROMSO apart is its texture and timing, giving it an emotional and involving character. Both male and female vocals have a slight bit of smoothness with finishing, giving it a very friendly feel. Tipsy likes to keep things as neutral, and as colourless as possible but still, has a bit of warmth to it.

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After delivering lovely and pleasing lower and mid-ranges, TTROMSO is still up for a few swings. The transition phase from upper mid-range to lower treble region is excellent with very good transparency and clarity. It has very good layering and separation with a good amount of air between instruments. The lower and mid-treble enjoys very good energy, similar to the mid-range and have very good notes accuracy and details. It is neither aggressive nor calmer, as it strikes a beautiful balance that retails the right amount of energy and sparkle while fending off unwanted sharpness or energy. Still, the extra bit of sharpness that provides a bit more resolution to the instruments is missing. But for this price range, I can say it is still very acceptable.

The upper treble region, where things go a bit south. TTROMSO starts to lose energy. Instruments get blunt and lack some definition. But how bad is it? I can say that TTROMSO has a very good treble extension, notes in the upper treble region are perfectly relevant, just not as transparent as the mid or lower treble notes. The lack of spark and tingliness robs it of some contrast and crispiness. Those who feel they do not want the energy up top will enjoy this lush and smooth treble. It just blends in effortlessly.

Soundstage – Imaging

TTROMSO has excellent width, and very good height but lacks a bit of Z-axis depth. Its stage distribution is very even no area feels busier or cramped. What I like the most is its Imaging. It places most of the instruments and some of the vocals out of the head while the bass and rest of the vocals are placed inside the head. Layering and separation throughout the spectrum are very good.

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TTROMSO with TRI Wolfram cable


It’s been a very interesting year (April 2021 – April 2022) for the under 100$ segment of IEMs starting with the Moondrop Aria, IKKO OH2, followed by TinHifi T3 Plus and Dunu Titan S. All are very good IEMs depending on your taste, one surely would fit yours. The same goes for the 100$-200$ segment in which we saw very good IEMs like ddHifi Janus2, BQEYZ Autumn, Whizzer HE03D and even the first by many appreciated planar 7Hz Timeless.

Why did I give these examples? You guessed right, the Tipsy TTROMSO is the one that I enjoyed most. I never used the other under 100$ IEMs as my daily driver before. I was switching between He03D and Timeless. I find myself turning back to Tipsy during the day for my casual listening sessions. It’s because of the tuning for sure and Tipsy’s very capable dynamic driver. The amazing timbre of the string instruments throughout the lows and mids section, very natural sounding slightly forward vocals, perfect treble which suits my archive very well, above price range staging and layering capabilities made the TTROMSO one of the most precious IEMs in my collection and it just costs 89$!

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